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A graphic image depicting a bloodied and bruised Torquay policeman has been used by the Victorian Police Union to step-up its campaign against the State Government over pay rise negotiations.

 Sgt Geoff Nash: The image used for the Police Union Campaign

The Victorian Government have failed to yield from their original wage offer of a 2.5 percent pay rise since negotiations began 8 months ago.

This has angered the Police Unions who declared that a 4.5 percent rise would only suffice which  has prompted the organisation to launch a graphic campaign.

Sgt Nash was approached by the Victorian Police Union to use an image of him depicting the serious injuries he sustained after he was assaulted by 4 men whilst on duty.

The image of the bloodied and bruised officer is intended to highlight the dangers faced by members of the police force.

“It is to give an idea to the government that this is what happens to members of the police force in certain circumstances and that the pay should be commensurate with the amount of danger involved in this job.” He states.

“We are behind in a lot of states in Australia at the moment so there has to be a concerted effort.”

While the battle between the Police Union and the Victorian Government continues to rage on, the assault on Sgt Nash has been seared into the minds of his family.

 Sgt Nash’ Wife: Lynda

His wife Lynda recalls the moment she first saw her husband after the assault.

“Seeing them (the injuries) and experiencing the ramifications of it (the assault) was horrific…it was a big shock to myself and the kids too,” She explains.

“I know that it can be part of what happens with the job but by the same token it shouldn’t be accepted…I’m speaking not only as a police wife, but as an ex-officer and a mother of a member who’s going through training now.”

As the situation between the Police and the Victorian government continues to worsen, Sgt Nash’s message to the government is simple.

 Sgt Geoff Nash in Happier times

“Bottom line is that members should be paid at a reasonable rate,” he states.

“The better paid we are the better work you get out of us and, as a result, your state is better policed.”


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