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More and more person chose to adopt animal when they want to have a pet. In my hometown, Taiwan, government and celebrities are beginning to support this issue in recent years.

When I came to Australia in 2013, I found lots of pet owners in Australia especially in Melbourne chose adoption than buying. This is because most of them think pet shops or puppy farms are making profit through animal. For the people who love animal it is so unethical.

Through I chatted with my friend, Emily, she talked to me some cruel situations of pet shops happened, like inbreeding program. And she also talked to me something about RSPCA because she adopted two dogs last year.

RSPCA Australia (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is an Australian government funding organization. In Australia, each state has an RSPCA organization. RSPCA Victoria was established in 1871, it located in Burwood Highway, near Deakin University.

I do an interview to test about the awareness of adoption in RSPCA.I interviewed people who walked around RSPCA to ask them some simple questions such as ‘Do you know how to adopt an animal in RSPCA?’ But most of interviewees think to adopt a pet in RSPCA is a hard task.

Thus, I came to RSPCA and ask them how to adopt an animal in RSPCA? The answer was surprised me! The staff told me they knew choosing the pet for people are takes time. So, to make this process easier, RSPCA has introduced a national website called ‘Adopt A Pet’ that will let you view some of the animals waiting to be adopted at RSPCA locations across Australia.

Besides, if you prefer come to RSPCA directly, they are also welcome. You just do three steps: find a pet, fill the form and wait thee phone call.

The reason why you can take the pet directly, this is because they have to do some survey on your family background. The staff told me they want to make sure every pet find a right home. It is very important for these stray pets. They do not want to they ever come back again. They want to they stay and be happy and live for their rest lives in their new homes.

In the future, if you or your friends want to buy a pet, think about adopting in RSPCA. They are as same animals as you see in pet shops. Please, support adoption, because love does not come with a price tag.


The ultimate betrayal of our best friends

Posted: October 5, 2012 by kimmerstedge in Music
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Animal activists bound together today to rally against legal puppy factories that continue to operate Australia wide.

 Founded by Animal Activist Debra Tranter, Oscar’s Law has gained considerable media attention since 2011 in the fight to ban puppy factories.

Kim Tedge has this report.

A Walk in the Park

Posted: May 30, 2012 by lallen1403 in Pets and Family, Social Issues
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There’s no doubt about it, Darwin people love their dogs. There’s more than 7500  dogs registered with the Darwin City Council; that’s about one for every two families.   And on Sunday there was a special walk in the park for hundreds of Darwin’s favorite pooches.

More than 370 dogs and their human companions took part in the annual One Million Paws Walk at the Jingili Water Gardens, raising nearly $35 000 for the local RSPCA.

Reporter Lyn Allen was at the finish line, and talked to Richard and Grace.

Dogs (and their friends) came in all shapes and sizes.

One Million Paws Walk, Darwin 2012

Every year the Darwin RSPCA animal shelter helps about 2500 animals.

Grace, One Million Paws Walk, Darwin 2012

One Million Paws Walks are held across Australia.  In Victoria, sponsors donated about $250 000 to help care for abused and abandoned animals, while in NSW walkers raised over $130 000.

For a fabulous report about the Geelong walk, visit Guryel Ali’s blog site.

Learn more about the Darwin RSPCA.     Lost a pet in Darwin?  Try looking here.