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By Xenon Ellis


In the name of art a Northcote man has staged a Guinness World Record attempt for continuous dancing.

Film director and actor Corey Mansfield, 34, danced for 72 hours to shoot footage and receive media coverage to be used in his mockumentary style film.

Mansfield during the dance.

Character Kent Williams, played by Mansfield, and main character Monty Jeparit, played by Ben Hall, concoct the idea in the film’s story in the hope of winning back the heart of Jeparit’s ex girlfriend, Anna.

Although the attempt fell 51 hours short of the previous record, Mr Mansfield said breaking the record was never high on their agenda.

“I never cared about the world record. I think that whole stuff is a bunch of egotistical crap,” Mr. Mansfield said.

For the purposes of the film however, the outcome was a completely different story, Mansfield describing it as a “complete success.”

“It was scripted to fail. Even if he (Jeparit) broke the World Record it was going to fail because Anna in the movie never turns up,” Mr. Williams said.

As it turned out, the actor who plays Anna in the film was in Edinburgh at the time, so the chance of a romantic conclusion was impossible.

In terms of gaining media coverage, the Northcote Leader covered the event, staged on Rucker’s Hill on High Street in Northcote, both during the record attempt, and again when the men finally conceded defeat.

Mansfield’s efforts made the cover of the Northcote Leader.

Despite having answered the call from the Northcote Leader as Corey, Mr. Mansfield managed to persuade the writer he was in fact Kent Williams, thereby maintaining the authenticity of the mockumentary.

“We basically completely lied,” Mr. Mansfield said.

“We got the front cover of the Northcote Leader. Which is great. We’ll be able to put that in the movie.”

Mansfield also contacted local community radio stations prior to the event, but their response was “lukewarm at best”.

The record, which stood up to the test from Mansfield, stands at 123 hours and 15 minutes and was set in 2010 by Indian man, Kalamandalam Hemaletha.

“I assume after attempting it (myself) that he is some sort of tai chi zen master dude,” Mansfield said.

Despite his failure the event attracted lots of attention from passers by, many joining the duo for hours, just to have a boogie or enjoy a beer and a chat.

The film is due to be released mid next year.

Dusk falls on the second night of the world record attempt.

King of the box office-Amelia Waddell

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The re-release of The Lion King has set records at the box office, but why is an animated film from the 90s doing so well today?