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With the release of the iPhone 5 the battle between iPhone and Android has once again reignited. Getting their hands on this latest device has created a massive buzz in the world of technology. Try ringing Optus, Telstra or other mobile communication companies and you will find out that they already have allocated a new department handling all iPhone 5 orders. On the other hand, team Android has not backed down one single bit. When the iPhone 4s was launched, a number of Android handsets entered the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X and are considered as strong competitors.  The following is a poll on what the public prefers conducted through Facebook. As seen below, there is a small discrepancy between the two with Apple leading by just 4 votes.

To get a better grasp of the public opinion on this matter, let’s see what the consumers think.

Karll 23, Cranbourne: ‘I prefer Android because it’s still not as common as the iPhone. I like its uniqueness and the features of my current Samsung Galaxy s3 is simply better than iPhone4s!’

Elaine 29, Clarinda: ‘Definitely iPhone. It’s very user friendly and basically all of my friends have it so it allows us to make communication easier plus we can use FaceTime on one another’.

Those who are in favour of Androids contend that the iPhone is one item. Its technology lasts for one iteration and then the next evolution comes out; whereas with Android, the numbers of handsets that use the software number in the range of twenty to thirty per generation. Because the release of a new iPhone means that the iPhone itself is obsolete within a few months, the constant output of Android devices means that they can always stay slightly ahead of the curve where new innovation is concerned. On the contrary, iPhone fanatics are simply loyal to iPhones because of its user-friendliness and the thought that the majority has one. This allows them to install several apps that they can utilise together whether it is for the purpose of communication or games.

To further broaden our knowledge, let’s see what a sales consultant from a mobile company recommends to their customers.

Due to the many factors to consider which one is better, it is difficult to draw a conclusion. The battle between the iPhone and the Android then continues.