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Crushing Problems For Myki

Posted: May 22, 2012 by sonsieau in Melbourne
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By Michael Sones

The problem prone Myki card ticketing system faces issues as the switch over from Metcard continues. As the number of Myki users tops 40% of passengers, the system is causing headaches for users as queues to “touch on, and touch off” at stations growing, especially at peak hour.

Station entrances and exists are not designed for use of the Myki card and some passengers have been noticing large queues at Myki readers leading to scrums trying to force their way through doors. Some have referred to this backing up of passengers as a Myki Crush, and all see it as a nuisance.

With the original rollout date for Myki beginning on the 29th of December 2009 and Metcards ceasing being sold during the last four months, it begs the question, when will this mess get sorted out?

As the issues are felt amongst the public some groups have started to organise protests. Fightback, an Australian protest group, is holding a protest on the 25th of May to the voice their disgust in the runaway spending and bad service that has plagued the Myki system. Their Facebook event for the protest has already garnered two hundred and fifty attending.

When contacted for comment a Myki Customer Care Officer stated, “we advise that when Myki is rolled out across the public transport network, stations will be made to accommodate for additional Myki machines or Myki readers and gates.” This is further backed up by a recent media release from the Minister for Public Transport that stated they would be, “[furthering] installation of Myki equipment.”

But that won’t help solve the problem faced at some of the outer stations where there’s limited space for additional gates. Stations like Bayswater are built in a way that would prevent additional gates being constructed without a major structural overhaul adding more to the already exorbitant costs attributed to the ticketing scheme.

Myki readers have also become a target for vandals, who damage the screens or smash the readers completely, rendering the machines out of order and causing more of a backlog.

Satisfaction in Melbourne’s public transport system is at an all time high, despite issues with the new ticketing system, with Metro Trains boasting high rates of delivery and punctuality. Or if you’re disappointed in the service provided click here for more information on the Fightback protest.

Just remember to “touch on, and touch off”.