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The fashion industry is a highly competitive one, and trying to get a job can be a tricky thing to get. These days, especially with how poorly the economy has been, retail sales have plummeted making it even more difficult for the recently graduated to make a career in fashion. A survey by Graduate Stats Australia highlighted the stats of December 2011 and displayed that, “76.6 per cent were in full time employment within 4 months of completing the degree”  (Grad Stats Australia, 2011). Although the statistics seem somewhat promising, many students seeking a career in a fashion are urged to do as much volunteer work and internships as possible.

After attending the Fashion Media seminar held by Prospect 360 earlier this year, many successful spokeswomen currently in the fashion industry gave a few tips of the trade and insight into the pathways to success.   Melissa Templeton, current PR manager for Myer Australia stated, “Get out and meet people. In our industry, we do literally meet hundreds of people a year, but do your best to remember people’s names”. This goes back to the golden saying that, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. Templeton explained that she had no tertiary experience nor any in PR, and that she worked her way up by starting a temp job at David Jones and working her way up from there. This could lead to the belief that higher education can be questionable when wanting to pursue a career in fashion or even media.

Greta Donaldson, founder of Prospect 360, a series of seminars to help young people get their foot in the door in the media industry set up in 2007 agrees with the “it’s not what you know but who you know” statement, but also believes education still holds value and importance in the media industry.

It appears as though some students are taking things a step further with their education in fashion. A student from the Whitehouse Institute of Design says, “Studying fashion design requires me to have the skills and knowledge to sketch garments properly as well as pattern making. Doing this gives me the head start over others that have not yet learnt the necessary skills”.

Casual academic teaching Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Lara Hedberg is bias on the, ‘its not what you know but who you know’ statement and says, “The thing that you get from studying at a university level is an ability to have a level of credible thinking and awareness that I don’t think you can get just from industry work.”.

The general consensus on the matter seems to agree that it is who you know that will assist in getting your foot in the door, but having a degree to support your credibility is ideal.

Tomorrow’s Heroes of the Runway.

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Australia has offered the world exceptional fashion designers in the works of Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Collette Dinnigan, Peter Morrissey and many more. But who are the up and coming designers that have the same clarity, attention to detail, worldwide presence and excellent rapport that these successful designers already have? The answers lie within the emerging designer series featured at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Menswear is becoming more prominent on Australian Runways.
(Sportscraft Runway)

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week features an array of designer series, but also encompasses emerging designers, those that are presenting their labels to the fashion world and are in fact tomorrow’s heroes of the runway.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is in its 18th year, and was run from the 3-9th September in City Square and Melbourne Town Hall. Along with the shows and free workshops, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kept fashion enthusiasts updated with Facebook news, Twitter feeds, Youtube videos and also had a resident blogger on board providing reviews from each day.

Thursday 6th of September included the Tomorrow’s Heroes runway, part of the emerging designer series during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, featuring up and coming local designers who all have extremely promising futures.

The brands that were featured were Catherine Leon, Orri Henrisson, Kinoak, Livia Arena, Neo Dia, Pageant and Thursday, Sunday. These emerging designers are only in the early stages of their fashion labels, but all have extremely promising futures.

The stand out collection was by Neo Dia, a collaboration effort by RMIT graduates Gavin Lowes and Becky Chua who created their Spring/Summer 2013 collection with beautiful lines, solid colours and highly flattering clothing.

Calvin Chong is an inspiring fashion blogger and publisher who runs Vanity Press, which has evolved from personal rants into a successful fashion blog with runway reviews and fashion articles. His interest in fashion stemmed from a young age, helping his sister and mother choose clothes and carrying their shopping bags for them, and after volunteering at a Versace trunk show that shook him to the core (in a good way) whilst studying communications at university, it seemed destined that he would start a career in fashion publishing.

Calvin Chong

Calvin Chong, editor of Vanity Press

Calvin also attended the Tomorrow’s Heroes runway supporting the up and coming designers and finds due to their financial and resource restrictions,

“mainstream media often neglects them that a self publishing media like a blog are one of the main sources of exposure they get. So I am moved to help them in any way I can to introduce the world to Australia fashion.”

Calvin’s highlights of the show included Orri Henrisson, “unique and unconventional” and Neo Dia, “it was like origami perfection”.

Pageant and Orri Henrisson featured their male collections on the Tomorrow’s Heroes runway, showcasing menswear with an emphasis on detail and a quality which evoked a sense of empowerment for men in the fashion industry.

Calvin finds showcasing menswear in Australia compared to the international stages of Milan with their exclusive menswear fashion week still lacks exposure, but there are many emerging brands starting to come out and showcasing unique menswear collection.

“Australia is currently going through a massive evolution in fashion, as we can see earlier this year we have our first ever Australian Fashion Week that showcases upcoming season collections like the international runway which is more of a industrial event for media, buyers, and insiders and not consumer focused events like LMFF and MSFW that features current in store collections on sale in the shows.”

Below is a video of the shows I attended: Sportscraft and Tomorrows Heroes.

Tomorrow’s Heroes Runway

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012. Target fashion show on Swanston Street. (photo: Annbjorg Dalland)

This spring the 18th annual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week took place in the city-streets of Melbourne. During the week from 3th to 9th of September, the Streets of Melbourne transformed to a fashion paradise for all the visitors. Free runway shows, competitions in styling and exclusive parties in the middle of Melborne, were just some of the weeks adventures.

Nice hats, high heels and a lot of curious people entered the streets looking for «whats new» for the spring fashion.

What is MSFW?
This week filled with fashion lets the consumer get more deeply involved in the world of fashion. It is a great place where they promote fashion design talents from Melbourne city and the state of Victoria, but it’s also a place where they celebrate Australian fashion more widely. According to this week brings the best of spring/summer fashion to the city.

Last year, the spring fashion week showcased over 200 events during this week, and that was the benchmark for this years fashion week as well.

A free runway show on Swanston street was just one of the daily offers for the Melburnians and others who has travelled to the city due to fashion week. Last year more than 100.000 people came and visited the city during this week, and they hoped and believed that this year there would be several more. Faithful visitors can confirm that this year’s attendance was impressive.

The Fashion week consumer last year was:

  • female (88 %)
  • Aged between 14-39 (83 %)
  • Attended to see the new season fashion trends and to enjoy the ambience and atmosphere


In todays media society, the fashion week has been on more than just the streets during this week. Because of the many events, it’s been a popular subject on social medias, as facebook, twitter and instagram.

During the week, I met one of Melbournes biggest enthusiast after a fashion show. Susan Hickey grew up reading English Vouge with her sister, and still collects clothes to this day. She has visited the spring fashion week every day, the last 18 years, and loves it.

The girls are so good workers! I’m gonna bring them all chocolate tomorrrow, Hickey says.