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Written by Katy Andrews

Since mid 2000 the City of Yarra has seen an accelerated gentrification of the area, with new retail outlets, boutique services and new restaurants leading to rising costs in rental.

In 2012 the City of Yarra reported an average increase of 3.8% in value of Yarra homes.

The City of Yarra is identified by its strong arts community but the rising costs are pushing artists out of the area.

A recent media release from the City of Yarra states that a charitable fund is to be established to help meet the costs of providing creative spaces for artists in the area.

The City of Yarra publishes an extensive guide to art galleries and spaces in Yarra.

The list of the galleries in Fitzroy, Collingwood, Abbotsford and North Fitzroy and North Carlton are available on its website with a map to download.

Indonesian students use their PPIA club to interact with other indonesian students  on campus providing help and friendship.

Australian for Syria rally aims to draw attention to the unstable situation in Syria recently.

Deakin students are still unhappy about proposed increases in parking fees.  But, as Blair Davidson reports, it seems some have it better than others.

Matt Welsh visits the Geelong campus to promote health and well being among the student body. Mari Mjelde puts on her running shoes to keep up with the story.