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Information released to the Herald Sun by the Foreign Affairs Department reveals 39 Australians died in Bali between 2011 and 2012. These deaths are not the result of terrorist attacks but a reckless culture which Australia is becoming infamously known for.  There is an ever growing impact that our excessive drinking and drug taking is having on accident related deaths in our country. Between 2011 and 2012 the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found in relation to consumption “The proportion of wine has increased from 12% to 37% and spirits (including RTDs) from 12% to 20%.” More young Australians are binge drinking with the sole purpose to get drunk, buying pre-mixed drinks or wine with higher alcohol content. From the image below taken in Bali, it seems that this only being encouraged through cheap drink prices and the irresponsible serving of alcohol.

A standard cocktail list in Bali: Half a litre of alcohol is included in each cocktail costing around $4. (Photograph courtesy of Liv Vink)

Liv Vink from Lilydale Travel Centre explains “It’s all about getting drunk and having fun and partying the whole time. “For example a drink that costs us $10 dollars over here would cost around 40 cents over there (Bali). “There are always double shots in them as well and people are going overboard.”

Clubs are advertising the irresponsible consumption of alcohol, encouraging patrons not to drink water. (Photograph courtesy of Liv Vink)

In a media release from the ABS“Most victims of physical and face-to-face threatened assault in 2010–11 felt that alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor in their most recent incident” The ABS also estimated that nearly two thirds (64%) of those who were the victims of physical assault thought that alcohol or drugs were a relating factor. 24 year old Matt Radziejewski recently travelled to Bali with a group of friends and recounts of the bar fights between Australians he would witness each night. “It would start of as an argument between two or three friends and as the arguing got louder the fight got more violent. “Eventually either me, my friends or other tourists who were around would have to intercept and break up the fight. “The amount of alcohol consumption over there is pretty scary.”

Matt witnessed the alcohol fueled violence first hand while holidaying in Bali (Image courtesy of Facebook and Matt Radziejewski)

As a country we have a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol which is causing us to be violent whilst out drinking. The problem is being exacerbated by the readily available cheap drinks within Bali.

Written by Katy Andrews

Since mid 2000 the City of Yarra has seen an accelerated gentrification of the area, with new retail outlets, boutique services and new restaurants leading to rising costs in rental.

In 2012 the City of Yarra reported an average increase of 3.8% in value of Yarra homes.

The City of Yarra is identified by its strong arts community but the rising costs are pushing artists out of the area.

A recent media release from the City of Yarra states that a charitable fund is to be established to help meet the costs of providing creative spaces for artists in the area.

The City of Yarra publishes an extensive guide to art galleries and spaces in Yarra.

The list of the galleries in Fitzroy, Collingwood, Abbotsford and North Fitzroy and North Carlton are available on its website with a map to download.

By Rosalina Menton

Todd Greenberg is the newest NRL club CEO in the current game. In 2008, he inherited a club that had a tarnished image both on and off the field. Scared by controversy over salary cap breaches, membership decline and the tag “Bad Bulldogs”, Todd Greenberg wasted no time in redefining the Canterbury- Bankstown Bulldogs brand.

In a 2008 article with the Herald Sun, Greenberg acknowledged the disarray of the club saying, “We can’t lie to ourselves any longer – perception is reality. People’s perceptions about the club need to change and the only ones that can do that are us.”

Todd Greenberg Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs CEO
Image courtsey of

In the years following, Greenberg’s leadership has seen a revolution in the Bulldogs culture. The club now works closely with Camp Quality as their single jersey and shorts community partner. Bulldogs corporate staff and players are still to this date enrolled as “buddies” with a sick child from the Camp Quality organisation, a move that was unprecedented.

Greenberg’s influence has reached amazing levels with supporters of the club as well. Images of brawls and police vehicles are no longer a staple on news organisations sport updates. Instead, supporters are often seen roaming entry gate areas before a game collecting donations for the charity being supported at that particular home game (2012 will see 6 charities featured).

The Bulldogs Army is the main supporter group of the club which comprises of some the league’s most passionate fans. The Bulldogs Army members are often called upon by the club to participate in community events with the players. The Bulldogs Army seem to be very willing participants to the leadership values of Todd Greenberg. Seeing the changes Greenberg has made in such a short time, Bulldog Army members are grateful of the inclusion they receive from the Club. Tina Landayan, an Army member says “We all want to feel important, and being part of the decision making about what happens to supporters is exactly what the club needed.” Eleanor Salao a fellow Army member agrees, “It is so much more than just coming to a game, the players give us everything they have on the field and now with the relationship we have with the club, we can finally give something back.”

Image courtsey of

Bulldogs players show their support for the Sydney Children’s Hospital
Image courtsey of

The Bulldogs new image and brand is a force to be reckoned with. While communication between fans and the corporate leadership team remain open, fans will continue to embrace the Bulldogs as their NRL team of choice. It stands for much more than just the leader-board.

Celebrating Korean Culture by Nad Bunnag

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Korean food and music provide this months cultural spread organised by students at Deakin university.

Multicultural MIBT by Charlene Hungwe

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A look inside  Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT) culture.

Korean food and music provide this months cultural spread organised by students at Deakin university.