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The fashion industry is a highly competitive one, and trying to get a job can be a tricky thing to get. These days, especially with how poorly the economy has been, retail sales have plummeted making it even more difficult for the recently graduated to make a career in fashion. A survey by Graduate Stats Australia highlighted the stats of December 2011 and displayed that, “76.6 per cent were in full time employment within 4 months of completing the degree”  (Grad Stats Australia, 2011). Although the statistics seem somewhat promising, many students seeking a career in a fashion are urged to do as much volunteer work and internships as possible.

After attending the Fashion Media seminar held by Prospect 360 earlier this year, many successful spokeswomen currently in the fashion industry gave a few tips of the trade and insight into the pathways to success.   Melissa Templeton, current PR manager for Myer Australia stated, “Get out and meet people. In our industry, we do literally meet hundreds of people a year, but do your best to remember people’s names”. This goes back to the golden saying that, ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’. Templeton explained that she had no tertiary experience nor any in PR, and that she worked her way up by starting a temp job at David Jones and working her way up from there. This could lead to the belief that higher education can be questionable when wanting to pursue a career in fashion or even media.

Greta Donaldson, founder of Prospect 360, a series of seminars to help young people get their foot in the door in the media industry set up in 2007 agrees with the “it’s not what you know but who you know” statement, but also believes education still holds value and importance in the media industry.

It appears as though some students are taking things a step further with their education in fashion. A student from the Whitehouse Institute of Design says, “Studying fashion design requires me to have the skills and knowledge to sketch garments properly as well as pattern making. Doing this gives me the head start over others that have not yet learnt the necessary skills”.

Casual academic teaching Communications and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Lara Hedberg is bias on the, ‘its not what you know but who you know’ statement and says, “The thing that you get from studying at a university level is an ability to have a level of credible thinking and awareness that I don’t think you can get just from industry work.”.

The general consensus on the matter seems to agree that it is who you know that will assist in getting your foot in the door, but having a degree to support your credibility is ideal.

 By Magnus Nygren Syversen 

Quick and technical Etihad KSA proved unstoppable Thursday, beating their opponents, Hammers, 6-1 in the final as the Deakin YMCA indoor soccer season came to an end.

Indoor soccer, or futsal, is a growing sport in Melbourne. Hosting one competetition for each trimester of the school year, Deakin YMCA saw enough teams sign up this trimester to form three divisions – grade A, B and C.

Last Wednesday saw the league stage of the competition come to an end with the tough and physical team Hammers clinching the top spot, beating their smaller, more agile rivals Etihad KSA on goal difference. Both teams finished on 20 points, both having won five games, lost one and drawn two.

After seeing away their semi-final opposition, with Hammers beating Sunny Boy and Etihad beating Power Rangers respetively, the two top teams faced each other in the final Thursday. What looked like a close game on paper proved to be nothing but, as speed trumped power and Etihad proved simply too much for Hammers to handle.

Over 20 supporters cheered Etihad on from the sideline, singing, chanting and waving Saudi Arabian flags. The players, a group of young Arab students spread out at several univeristies in Melbourne clearly benefitted from the support, and were quick to address the crowd with each ball that founds its way to the back of the net.

With a 3-0 lead at half-time Etihad looked comfortable going in to the second half. A quick goal by Hasan Aljubran increasing the lead to 4-0 only a minute into the half helped their confidence grow even further.

Hammers never gave up, even after letting in a fifth and sixth goal, and kept fighting to the final whistle. They managed to get a consolation goal late in the half, but from first whistle to last there was never any real doubt as to who the winners were going to be.

Etihad players celebrate with their fans after becoming Deakin YMCA Grade A Indor Soccer champions.

As the final whistle went the Arabian cheer squad stormed the pitch and celebrated with the players, throwing them up in the air. Etihad had claimed a convincing 6-1 victory, and could lift the trophy as the new Deakin YMCA Grade A Indoor Soccer Champions.

Runners-up Hammers finished first in the league, but admitted they were beaten by a better team in the final.

Hammers deserve praise for their fighting spirit, and will get a chance to their revenge on Etihad when a new competition starts in Trimester 2.

How do students deal with the stress of student life?

The New Residence by Meg Whelan

Posted: October 3, 2011 by megwhelan112 in Deakin University
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The new on-campus accommodation facilities at Deakin University Burwood Campus will change the Student Village and the lives of those living there.

A proposed parking price increase at Deakin University has staff and students up in arms at the overhaul – Matthew O’Toole reports no one seems happy with the idea.