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Australia has a dangerous drinking culture that sees four Australians under 25 die due to alcohol related injuries in an average week.

Despite government campaigns, Australia’s youth seem to be disregarding warnings when they head out for a night on the town.

The effects of alcohol vary from person to person, as to the drink sizes served in bars, nightclubs and pubs around Melbourne. Possibly one of the biggest causes of drunken violence is the inability to count drinks, as many drinks served are not capped as one standard drink.

Over the years drunken violence has seen many young lives been taken too soon. Sam Davis was 17 years young when he became the victim of drunken assault in 2008. His parents have created the Sammy D Foundation in order to raise awareness of the risks associated with alcohol-induced behavior.

High drink prices in bars may be causing an increase in the amounts of alcohol consumed during pre-drinking, causing a binge drinking effect. The National Binge Drinking Campaign 2008-2010 targeted teenager’s aged 15-17 and youths between 18-25. In an attempt to raise awareness the ads tried to reach out to friends and families.

Despite being the world’s most livable city, many of Melbournians youth brave the cold weather in search of fun nights out, in clubs, bars and pubs which all too often see a fun night out with mates turned into a night spent in the hospital.

This page explores the dangers associated with the drinking culture of Australians with links to statistics, campaigns and news articles.

I have created the below video as an introduction to the Melbourne nightclub scene.



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