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With only three weeks left until the Melbourne Marathon Festival, the international training group seems to be dwindling.

     “Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.”
     -Robert H. Schuller
Although, we started out as a motivated, willing and ready bunch, there have been a number of reasons that have caused the group numbers to taper away. For example, one of the runners has encountered bronchitis and another runner is overwhelmed by her every day life and is still on the fence about participating.
When all the internationals arrived in Melbourne in June, it was about a month into life here in Australia, when we all decided to train for the Melbourne Marathon. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t seem too keen anymore. A couple runners have been injured and some others have just dropped out.
There is a rival among this year’s race who is indebted a fifty-dollar note depending on who comes through the finish line first. Those who are unable to participate in this year’s race will certainly be at the finish line cheering the rest of the group on.
It’s been a long and treacherous sixteen weeks of training for those who have followed the training regimen. Those who have cheated will certainly pay the price come mile-marker 17 (28K). There’s something called “Hitting the Wall,” that runners experience right around this mileage/kilometers during the race. It’s basically a loss of energy. A depletion of glycogen in the muscles, results in sudden fatigue and a loss in stamina. Sometimes a runner can recover with brief rest and the consumption of food or drinks containing carbohydrates. There are also a wide variety of sports energy gels available to take during the marathon. These gels are supplements containing loads of energy that are to be taken in increments during the race to alleviate “Hitting the Wall.”
With only three weeks left until race day, it’ll be interesting who has the dedication, determination, and perseverance to conquer through and classify as a ‘Melbourne Marathon Finisher!’
In running, it doesn’t matter whether we come in first, in the middle of the pack, or even last…We can say, “We’ve FINISHED!!” With that lies an ABUNDANCE of SATISFACTION!!!

The Melbourne Marathon training group created on Facebook to keep everyone motivated and informed on training sessions.

Above: sixteen-week training chart.