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By Stephanie Dunn

Retailers are feeling the pressure to go online as online shopping is fast becoming the preferred method of buying.

With easy access, a vide variety to choose from and countless savings all just a click away, consumers are turning their backs on retailers doors.

The sound of the cash registers ca-ching has become an increasingly distant memory as retailers have seen the slide from in store to online buying.

“I’ve noticed a decrease in customers, especially last year things got really quiet. There wasn’t much business happening and with websites like ASOS. I think that people find it more comfortable to shop in their own homes.” Gemma Nixon, co-manager of Burwood clothing store Abbey Rose said.

Image supplied by Frost & Sullivan

Research Marketers Frost and Sullivan predict that online shopping will grow at 12. 6 per cent per year and with a decline in in-store buying, retailers are feeling the pressure to go online more than before.

According to the 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics report, Australian Social Trends,  a growing 36% of Australians regularly use social networking sites and in order to keep up with this online trend, retail stores are using social media pages like Facebook to generate customers.

“We always start conversations with our customers to find out where they’re from and stuff and we’re finding we’re not just getting locals anymore. We’re getting people from further away who have heard about us through Facebook and are actually making the trip to come out and check out our shop.” Miss Nixon said.

Moreover, Australians last year spent  $13.6 billon dollars online, on products ranging from tickets to music to clothes and that figure is expected to rise to a head spinning $21.7 billon by 2015.

Image supplied by ASOS Facebook

However despite statistics illustrating that online is the future, there are some retailers who are opposed to the idea at all costs.

Marilyn Cohen, owner for 42 years of Nicole Lingerie in Malvern, is a strong advocator against the online shopping world and in particular against setting up her own online lingerie website, “ I’m just not interested in doing it. People want personal service and advice and that machine on the computer offers a very impersonal experience.”Ms Cohen said.

Although some retailers are opposed to the idea, there’s no doubt that the pressures to go online continue to grow. With 65% of in store purchases initiated via the World Wide Web, it is clear that having a social media page like Facebook or running an online website is a key aspect into furthering many businesses in the years to come.


Some reasons why individuals prefer online shopping: 

Channel 10’s television show, The Project, shows the jump Australians are making from in store to online buying.  v=DwXpKL8b5T8