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Euthanisation of abandoned animals raise alarm

Posted: October 4, 2012 by steffidot in Pets and Family

The number of abandoned animals being euthanised was raising concern.

According to RSPCA figures, in 2010-2011, around 20,000 dogs, 37,000 cats and 11,000 other animals were euthanased.

Animal shelters and pounds have been keeping abandoned animals over the past few years. But with the number of unwanted animals remained high, many had run out of space. Not only sick animals, but healthy and treatable ones were put down as well.

Coordinator of Getting 2 Zero Neil Thompson addressed the issue of over-population.

“There are more animals in community than community can hold,” Ms Thompson said.

She said the number of shelter and pounds remained the same even the size of population was increasing.

“The support resources of community are not growing in line with our population” Ms Thompson said.

The funding mainly came from non-profit organisation and individuals. Ms Thompson said there wasn’t much support from local and national government.

“There isn’t huge amount of resources towards animal welfare,” Ms Thompson said.

Head Vet for animal inpatients at Lort Smith Hospital Dr Andrew Kapsis also recognised the lack of government funding, which just “rely on organisation to raise fund”.

He said government should carry out tighter measures on breeders.

“The government should be tougher on people who bred animals. There should be license to breed,” Dr Kapsis said.

Animals were abandoned for different reasons. Dr Kapsis said the main reason was people can no longer afford to keep the pets.

“Their pets might be unwell and they can’t afford surgery,” Dr Kapsis said. “They might be moving overseas or to smaller property, so they can’t keep big active dog. Or their landlord do not allow.”

Dr Kapsis regarded the importance of education in teaching people “responsible care and ownership”. He said the public should be educated to desexing their pets to prevent high abandonment rate in breeding season.

“A lot of animals do not have home especially during spring and summer,” Dr Kapsis said.

Ivy and Puffy.

Ivy Fung, who is a dog-lover and has a pet named Puffy, said she was upset about abandoned animals.

“I am quite sad,” she said. “For people who just abandoned their dogs, it’s just like abandoning their children, abandoning one of their family members.”

She said people should take responsibility.

“If you can’t keep the promise, don’t even buy them,” she said.

The community was pushing for changes. They were taking advantage of social media to spread their messages, like Pound Rounds on Facebook page.

Getting 2 Zero is an organization aimed to increase community responsibility and “achieve zero euthanasia” by encouraging people to adopt Getting to Zero Model. The model provides strategies on what people working in organization and community can do. More information about Getting to Zero Model can be found on the site: