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Posted: October 1, 2012 by senlim in Music






In April of 2010 the Australian Government announced that, legislation on all tobacco products sold in Australia to be mandated with the Plain Packaging Act 2011 requiring all tobacco products sold in Australia are in plain packaging by 1 December of 2012.

This has left many in the tobacco industry in an uproar which has seen the tobacco industry taking a bigger hit after losing an appeal in the high court on the 15th of August this year.

The move itself has left many in the smoking community like myself wondering what is the next step ? One of the questions raised was on the alcohol industry on the whereabouts that it will be the next target by the Australian Government.Many have speculated that alcohol will not be affected however on the other side of the river the United Kingdom the alcohol industry have recently won a battle which left the government ruling out the notion of forcing the alcohol industry into plain packaging.

As a cigar aficionado I am most certainly not amused by the government’s notion of enforcing the plain packaging act on my cigars but I shall leave that rant for another day.

Professor Rob Modie states that the governments should also impose plain packaging on alcohol products as believes it will help the nation’s problem on alcohol. This move however will hit home hard as it is well known in the Australian culture to have a drink after a hard day at work or with friends at a barbeque.

Nick Mcallum from 3AW writes that even though  he is a non smoker, he feels that it is an utter disgust that tobacco companies are being force to comply with the laws and argues that alcohol abuse in the nation is a much bigger problem that cigarettes and supports the notion that the alcohol industry will be the next target.

So Australia are we prepared to take it to the next level by having the same plain packaging act imposed on your favourite alcoholic beverage, can we as a nation handle the impact ? I for one am most certainly will not be amused if it touches my favorite bottle of dark ale or malt whisky. Will the government have gone too far when the time comes or will you not bothered by it, have your say.