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Anonymity is a controversial topic in the age of information. We are all entitled to our own opinions on the subject but what cannot be disputed is the fact that anonymity allows an individual the freedom to step outside of their social, economic and even physical status in life and speak freely on a topic considered taboo.  The internet seems to be the battlefield where this statement is put most to the test.

The video link at the bottom of this post is a link to a certain review of a particular multilevel marketing company(MLM), which is yet another subject of controversy.  Interestingly enough, the author has chosen to remain anonymous.

Organizations like this are similar to the ocean tides; they are transnational titans that go back and forth freely from shores across the globe, sweeping up one generation and disappearing, only returning to impart the same lesson on the children of yesterday. In a very sad way, such deceptions have become a form of initiation into adulthood for many. A lesson some might say on the mechanics of deception. While I have never directly participated in MLM, like most people, if not literally all, there are only a few degrees of separation between myself and a victim of this industry. To my recent surprise, my parents too even participated in Amway.

The way to challenge these giants is through information, except companies like this also spend millions of dollars in Public Relations attempting to create an image of transparency. It wouldn’t be insane to suggest these MLM organizations also hold a monopoly on the flow of information regarding their industry and public perception as well. They achieved this through the rigorous management of search engine tools like AdWords, AdSense, SEO and a splash of Astroturfing.

Many people have claimed that these corporations are cult-like in their ability to implant ideas, change personalities and warp opinions; they are masters in the craft of brainwash.

They are a threat that desperately needs to be re-considered by governments across the world, especially for the future integrity of the internet.

This video is interesting as it is not an answer to this problem but a means of verifying who the bad guys in this industry are.  The person who made it obviously wanted to withhold their identity for the purpose of protecting themselves against the financial liability possibly involved in standing up against such an industry.

The clip lasts for 11 minutes and can be viewed here.