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Technology takes Flight

Posted: October 5, 2012 by rebeccaevenden12 in Education, Global News, Melbourne, Social Issues

Technology takes Flight

Society are about to get even more connected as Airlines consider implementing in flight mobile phone useage.  Even being 30,000 feet in the air may no longer be an excuse to escape the tweets, status updates, calls, texts, emails which consume the typical modern day, busy lifestyle.

Despite previous concerns surrounding in flight phone usage, significant advancements in aviation and technology have led airlines to consider this decision.

However, these  concerns are yet to be completely dismissed and Jetstar Flight Attendant, Sam Jamieson explains some of the main safety risks which this decision may cause from a professional perspective.

Jamieson states that “the cabin crew need the passenger’s full attention throughout the flight and if passengers are on their phones during taxi-ing and landing, it’s going to be difficult to get the cabin crew’s att

For many passengers, this potential decision will be seen as a positive advancement in aviation which is long overdue – particularly for those with busy work schedules.

Rrestrictions currently in place against mobile phone useage on flights

Frequent flyers with round the clock deadlines to meet may have been awaiting this decision for a long time but there will be passengers who will no doubt be disappointed with this drastic lifestyle change.


In a confined space where you are fastened into one seat for the majority of the flight, phones buzzing, ringing and conversations all around may be distracting for some.

Jamieson explains “If someone’s sitting next to you on the phone, chatting away, the person next to them is probably going to get pretty annoyed.”

These distractions will ultimately have potential to cause distress for the passengers as well as the cabin crew.

Ex Pilot, Phillip Relf however has a very different opinion to Sam Jamieson.  Phillip is not at all suprised by the current developments and believes that if everything runs smoothly, this is an opportunity which aviation should grasp immediately.

“Customers of airlines have been wanting these advancements for a long time and it just does not surprise me at all.”

In this modern society where communication has become a greater necessity which is becoming more efficient and easy to access, it would seem that if implemented, this decision will certainly provide many short term opportunities for airlines and customers. Whilst it is difficult at this stage to predict just how effective this could be and what difficulties may arise from this, technology has created a society with such high expectations that perhaps it is plausible for their needs to be met, even at 30,000 feet.