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The future of marketing includes a personal touch

Posted: October 1, 2012 by prettylilprofessional in Arts & Culture

With the fundamentals of marketing focusing on relationship building what better platform is there to engage with the consumer than their own Smartphone?

As highlighted in the 2012 New Age Marketing conference, 1 in 3 people would rather give up their TV than their Smartphone. These devices are just about super-glued to the average person allowing them to be connected with their networks and virtual communities on a 24/7 basis.

Tweet by Adam Jaffrey providing insightful commentary during the conference

This makes new media devices hot in the realm of marketing and creating endless possibilities in innovations such as mobile apps, social media and location based marketing.

A Social Media site for any company is the new ‘must have’ in their digital media repertoire.  Previously, such platforms on Facebook and Twitter have been used as a transactional tool, limiting the conversation to product purchasing and applying a hard sell of their products.

Lauren Ridgway entertains the room with previous social media strategies she has implemented

Social Media guru Lauren Ridgway has cracked the code and has successfully run many Social Media campaigns. She suggested marketers to use Social Media as an aid to provide relevant information to the target audience in a way that is fun and engaging, although still true to the brand. She states “most importantly you need to know your customer, where they hang out and what they are saying about your brand”.

Ridgway encourages Marketers to use social media to entertain through content that is worthy to be published, keeping their customers engaged and build meaningful relationships with their communities.

 Social media empowers the company to connect with their customers on a real time basis and have the ability to create a truly unique customer experience”. Ridgway says

With Smartphones comes a delightful array of applications, David Fastuca, tech expert in all things mobile, says “the rules of the game have changed and companies can no longer just rely on old hat Marketing. Now more than 33 per cent of advertisers are accompanying their brand with a user app and the rest are missing out”. Apps that create a valuable user experience will reap rewards of influencing purchasing decisions, create loyal followers will increase positive referrals of the brand.  Fastuca’s golden rules to app development are to offer good design, make promises you can keep and of course keep it simple.

David Fastuca and his team have developed mobile platforms  for clients such as the Gift Register, Home Visiting Doctor and Bamboo

Now you will find in business entire teams have a core focus on the company apps, therefore companies are taking this new trend in marketing seriously and even offering free applications to the public with a desire to connect with their consumers” Fastuca says.

Alex Topaloski mentioned Topshop’s Scvngr game highlighting the success of innovative location based marketing

On the other hand pushier marketing strategy come to play. A ‘new game’ tactic known as Location Based Marketing allows marketers to directly reach their customers, one on one through their personal Smartphone devices. This is a highly focused strategy, where an innovative campaign needs to be embraced to effectively engage and build loyalty among customers. With that said “innovation is not always easy”, admits Alex Topaloski a leading Marketing expert.

Through this challenge Topaloski sees exciting times ahead and an opportunity to win customer’s loyalty for a life time. “The key elements of Location Based Marketing are to directly target the customer at the right time and place being generally in close proximity to their retail outlet about to make a purchasing decision” he says.

A message is sent to the targeted customer, who has opted in to receive information from this specific company. Once the customer has passed the ‘Geofence’ will be alerted with a SMS, on the push notification. Topaloski states that “this is a lot more than just spruiking sales” it potentially gives the consumer the opportunity to become involved in the research and development stage and rewarding these interactions. Although, a line can be crossed when if this strategy is not delivered cleverly, as there may be a risk of perceived intrusion reinforce negative attitudes and behaviours toward the company. This needs to be avoided at all costs.

Shane Moon shared his views on how Neuropsychology will shape the future of marketing  

Predictions of the not so distant future for marketing are in Neuroscience marketing, where marketers will no longer be picking their customer’s brains but literally inside their customer’s heads. With daily progress and increasing break throughs marketing will become a science rather than just a guessing game. Shane Moon a doctor in Neuropsychology is able to correlate patterns in the brain with purchasing decisions; it looks a whole new evolution for marketing with endless possibilities combining rapidly advancing technology and science.

Kirsty Ness

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