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23-year-old ex-Melbourne resident Caitlin Pearson moved to country South Australia around 8 months ago and says she would happily move back in with her parents if she returned to the city.

An ex-Melbourne resident says she would likely go the way of the “boomerang” generation after a recent study revealed more young people are deciding to move back to their family home after gaining their independence.

The McCrindle Research report Generation Y: The Casuals, The Downagers, and the Boomerang Kids discovered that 27 percent of people between the ages of 20 and 34 continue to live in the family home, and those who do move are more likely to return.

“Australians in their 20s have made living with their parents work,” researcher Mark McCrindle writes in the report.

“And parents today are welcoming their adult children back.

The Boomers are too young to be empty-nesters and, despite their complaints, most appreciate having the young ones around.”

Caitlin Pearson, originally of Oakleigh South, said she moved to Berri South Australia for work.

“I decided that I wanted to be a journalist and I knew from the beginning of my course I would have to move out somewhere rural,” she said.

“I’ve moved eight hours away from my family… it’s been very difficult to manage the finances.”

Caitlin Pearson speaks at length about her move out of home and her intentions for the future:

Miss Pearson said she would likely move back in with her parents if she returned to Melbourne.

“If my parents lived in a rural area I may not be as keen to move back into their home,” she said.

“But if I move back to the city I know it’s going to be a lot more expensive (if I don’t move back home).”

Miss Pearson said the parents of Generation Y children are just as happy for their kids to stay at home.

“My parents will be happy to have me back,” she said.

“I’ll be happy to have them, and I’ll appreciate them a lot more and do a lot more around the house.

“I’ll eventually want to move out on my own… but I’ll want to move back in with mum and dad first to save up enough cash.”