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People normally said if you are looking for a high-level education to build a strong foundation for your future, Australia is the place to do it. As at year-to-date (YTD) March 2014, there were 371,841 enrolments by full-fee paying international students in Australia on a student visa.


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In recent years, controversy surrounding the alleged bashing of Chinese students in Sydney has shocked the student community. China’s largest television network and consular officials warned that Australia was no longer safe for Chinese students. Thus, more and more international family want to know what kind of life overseas students have in Australia.

It takes time to understand the Australian culture, and International students feel homesick and depressed as coping with a new culture can be challenging. One of the solutions is ‘Homestay’ arrangement, which allows for a cultural exchange between a local individual or family and a visiting international student. An international student lives as a guest in the host’s family home. The homestay experience helps the student understand the culture and customs of the region in which they are studying. Students pay a weekly fee, which varies depending on your level of service. For example, how many meals your host provides you with.

But, this arrangement is not without its own share of issues. Namiho Tamura, she works for Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI)’s reception, says some students recently came to see her to complain about their homestay parents.
[My name is Namiho, from Japan, working in the reception at DUELI. I have some students come to the reception who got some problems. But in recently, I have some students who have got homestay issues. They can’t communicate with their house family very well, or they just feel lonely in their room, they can’t go to living room, they just stay in their room, they just want change their homestay family to get more better opportunity, yes, something like this.]

For others it can be a pleasant experience. Tony Startari, 40 years old man, is a homestay father. He supports homestay and says that homestay parents should take care of overseas students like their own children.

[Tony: We started our homestay career about 5 years ago. We saw the ad in the local newspaper, and we thought it should be a good idea to met oversea student, learn different cultures and life. We have many students from different countries these years. Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, and of course China.
Mandy: Have you heard some students have conflict with their homestay parents? What you think about it?
Tony: I have heard a few incidents. I think it’s mainly be because of the language barrier. Initially, students come out to Australia. But, in time, that all resolve itself. It can be difficult, people in a homestay famliy and with numbers of people living there, to get alone with students, but usually they resolve themselves.]
Ms Tamura recommends students choose to live with a homestay family when they first time come to Melbourne.

The Australian Homestay Network “AHN” has recently been commended by the Australian Government Senate. If you want to have experience living with a homestay family in Australia, you can check it online. It provides useful information.


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