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DJ’s taking Geelong for the spin

Posted: October 1, 2012 by madimjok in Music
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As technology continues to rise and the era of DJ’s and their addictive turntables blossoms into full force, live music is beginning to suffer literally at the hands of these disc jockeys.

Recently this slow yet startling transition from live music to digital has become all the more apparent in the City of Greater Geelong.

Earlier this year Toast nightclub opened up providing Geelong with some of Melbourne’s most wanted Dj’s and further encouraging those wanting to hear dance music over the classic songs sung by cover bands.

Former Eureka and Toast employee Jack Gray states ‘People just don’t want to see live music at a club anymore’

They just want to drink, get messed up, and dance to something that has a beat. Bands don’t stand a chance against something like dubstep”

Local band Stock Standard, who until very recently played every Saturday night at nightclub Eureka, were replaced by alternating DJ’s and told that it was simply to see if this change would bring better numbers to the club.

Stock Standard playing at nightclub Eureka

Drummer Davyd Stockman said it was a ‘harsh’ blow and came as a very unexpected shock.

Stock Standard losing their job came at even more the shock as the musicians won the prestigious ‘Battle of the Bands’ last year, making them one of Melbourne’s most wanted bands.

Stock Standard won $10,000 from ‘Battle of the bands’

We’ve worked hard to get where we are. It’s just getting too hard to compete with DJ’s these days” Davyd states

Part owner of Eureka, Mario Gregorio, is optimistic about live musics future in the nightclub industry but explains it is just not what people want to see at the moment, and that financially nightclubs can’t cover the hiring costs.

“We had Sneaky Sound System on a Saturday night and unfortunately we didn’t see an increase in figures so that was a substantial cost”

Unfortunately at the moment it is just DJ music”

As this saddening new aspect of Geelong nightlife continues to spread, local student and frequent party goer Jessica Stepnell gives her opinion on the matter

“I definitely think a mix of the both live music and DJ’s is the best option. I love having both in one night just to hear all different songs and music as I tend to like a lot of both old and new songs”

Unfortunately, as live music continues to transition out of the nightclub scene this mixture of bands and DJ’s seems to be a thing of the past.