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Who let the dogs off their leashes?

Posted: September 28, 2012 by lukeaperkins in Music

Greater City of Geelong council laws stipulate that all dogs must be leashed between the hours of 10am and 6pm in the Rippleside area (10am and 8pm during daylight savings) and at all times along Eastern Beach.

Despite this, dogs can be seen running independently of their owners on a daily basis, all year round.


Some dog owners feel that the laws are too harsh, including Geelong West’s Rachel Heysen:

“I think we should have a bit of free area around Geelong somewhere for [our dogs] to play ball.”

Other Rippleside dog-walkers are simply unaware of the specific restrictions and prefer to play it safe, “I’m aware that dogs have to be on a leash. My dog’s on a leash,” said one.

An owner plays with his unleashed dog at Rippleside, Geelong.

While the council’s presence on the matter appears sporadic at best, Heysen was caught out at Eastern Beach for violating the regulations,

“I was actually playing with the dog off the leash before 9 when I was picked up by the dog people and threatened with a fine.”

However, a quick sweep of the waterfront on a Tuesday afternoon revealed dozens of unrestrained dogs in both the Eastern Beach and Rippleside areas outside of the allowable hours (with several caught on film), raising the question: are council members doing enough to enforce their own regulations?

A council representative was unwilling to comment on the enforcement of ‘walk time’ regulations, but advised that the rules have been made clear to the general public.

A map detailing the regulations is available from the Greater City of Geelong Council website:

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