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by Luke Rose

Students at Deakin University Burwood have been subjected to trying conditions during the current semester. With limited parking, ongoing construction and the dreaded fire alarm tests, students would be forgiven for confusing their university with a busy construction site on the streets of Melbourne.

The constant addition of new buildings and improvements to the facilities at Burwood are wreaking havoc on the students’ experience of attending a world class tertiary institution. For the past three weeks construction and maintenance have been carried out within the Burwood library, causing much discomfort for students using the library as a place of peace and quiet to potentially study for this semester’s upcoming exams.

The testing of the library fire alarm appears to be a point of great contention with students experiencing periodical fire alarm testing; consisting of an extremely loud and long alarm ringing and growing in intensity, making it near impossible to hear the thoughts in your head let alone the music from your iPod.

With the fire alarm has also come the addition of some rearrangement of the ground level of the library. Shelves are moved and the drowning sounds of drills, saws and even nail guns resonate around the library removing the peaceful working environment recognised globally by the name of a library.

Its just ridiculous….The fire alarm gets incredibly loud to the point where you can’t even think about study

Students are reporting a general rise in the volume within the library, without the constructions the noise levels have increased; the number of people using the library may have increased, however the majority are using the library as a discussion area rather than a quiet working environment.

A contrast between the University Library of yesteryear against the modern day University Library.

As we move into a modern technological age the concept of the library has changed. The addition of multi-purpose learning areas, improvement of computer facilities and couches arranged to allow discourse; the library has changed, but is it for the better?

Should students be alarmed; will the modern day library overpower the traditional library or will the need for a quiet working environment prevail?

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by Luke Rose

Imagine, you decided to ride your bike to your destination instead of driving your car and you felt safe, almost as safe as you would driving your car. Can you imagine?

Currently riding a bicycle to work, school or any destination is a dice with death on a daily basis along Beach Road. Commuters contest with the vast amounts of traffic and the additional strains of parked cars, road rage and the occasional road accident.

A feeling of safe and security may be on the horizon with results of a Bayside City Council Report published this week.

As previously reported in numerous news pieces, there needs to be action taken by the Government, councils, motoring and cycling advocates and most importantly the motorists and cyclists travelling along Beach Road during the working week and in the early hours of the weekend.


Chadstone do the Turkey 10

Posted: May 16, 2012 by lrro91 in Sport
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by Luke Rose

Just before the start of the football season Chadstone Football Club entered The Wild Turkey Australia “Turkey 10 Teams”. The competition aimed to find the 10 teams around Australia, that currently due to reasons beyond their control have it the “toughest”.

This competition was a perfect fit for the Chadstone Football Club. Over the past four years the team has remained winless and with 100-200 point thrashings on a weekly basis in the 2011 season, a change needed to be made. The players decided early into their pre-season to fight back and rebuild the club and get back the respect that it deserves.

The playing group at Chadstone entered the competition not only for the prizes, but for the need to reassert them as a force to be reckoned with and support from Wild Turkey Australia is exactly what the club needs to improve the facilities, improve the players’ skills and improve the team morale around the club.

The news of the clubs win quickly made its way to the VAFA League officials and last Thursday night the league filmed their episode of “VAFA TV”, at Chadstone Football Club and interviewed some key players about the competition and expectations for the new season.

Triple M Melbourne; have been instrumental in the selection process of the Melbourne “Turkey 10 Team”, sifting through hundreds of team videos. After a lengthy selection period Chadstone were named live on Triple M Melbourne Radio as a Turkey 10 Team, winning thousands of dollars for upgrading the facilities and exclusive access to sponsorship and private skill sessions with legends of AFL, Billy Brownless and Wayne Carey just to name a few.

But now the Chadstone Football Club and the Chadstone community need our support. Being Selected as a Turkey 10 Team, puts them in the running for a ten thousand dollar grand prize draw at the end of the season for the “Turkey 10 Team” with the most “likes” and support through the “Wild Turkey Australia” Facebook page.

Chadstone still remain winless, however with your support in their quest for the Turkey 10 a win may be just around the corner….

Head to the Wild Turkey Australia Facebook page and show your support for the Chadstone Football Club

Jump into Heart Starters!

Posted: May 15, 2012 by lrro91 in Health

by Luke Rose


Monash Heart the leaders in cardiovascular disease and research have combined with Channel 31 to film a ten part series documenting the finer details of heart disease, heart health and the extraordinary stories of a few key patients gravely affected by Heart Disease.

“Heart Starters” hosted by renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr Ian Meredith, will follow the cases of a young footballer, a new mother, a case study of elderly patients and a world first surgery conducted here in Melbourne at Monash Heart Clayton.

In early episodes we will be given exclusive access to world first surgeries and follow patients through their diagnosis, medical procedures and even their recovery to give a comprehensive view of heart disease and educate viewers on the need for Heart Health awareness.

“This program will be instrumental in educating viewers about different heart conditions and how to take care of your heart,” Southern Health Spokeswoman, Suzana Talevski.

Local production company Mobile Video Services has volunteered their time and equipment to help Southern Health and Monash Heart convey their message of Heart Health and Heart Safety. Filming inside the Cardio Surgery Labs, throughout diagnostic procedures and during the recovery period, Mobile Video Services has been given exclusive access to the inner workings of a world class Cardiovascular Care Unit focussing on the Cardiac Science.

“We have seen shows like RPA and Medical Emergency. This is not what we are trying to recreate. This is a unique television experience.”

Heart Starters will premiere on Channel 31, Monday June 4th at 7.30pm

For more information visit Heart Starters or Monash Heart