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Taxi drivers have just about had enough

Posted: September 20, 2012 by kodea1 in Geelong

Police are trying to implement tougher laws to reduce the number of taxi passengers who jump from cabs and run without paying their fares.

Fare invasion is a significant problem, though unreported. This is mainly because time filling in forms at a police station to taxi drivers is lost money, as it takes them off the road.

Taxi drivers should be reporting. This is a major issue all over Australia and has been for a long time.

Something needs to be done to reduce or even put a stop to the amount of times passengers run without paying their fares.


It is not in a taxi driver’s job description to get out of their taxi and chase people down until they pay.

It isn’t an issue that seems to occur everyday, but Constable Barber said “it does continue to keep happening”.

Taxi driver Tariq Hussain said that “it hasn’t happened to me much, but I know people that it has happened to and it’s very upsetting when it does, especially when we are struggling for work”.


This is someone’s career. If people continue to refuse to pay for their fare, taxi driver’s won’t make as much profit and you may as well be stealing from them.

We don’t go into a shop and steal an item of clothing. So why do people continue to run away from cabs without paying their fare?

30 people were surveyed to find out why they think people run away from cabs without paying their fares.

17 of the 30 people said they think it’s because people, mainly teenagers, don’t want to spend their money on a taxi or don’t have any money to pay for the taxi.

Nine said that they think people do it because they are intoxicated and find it “funny” and four said they had no idea why people do it.


Taxis may not be cheap, but if you can’t afford one find an alternative way home.