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AS the 2012 London Paralympics come to an end, so too does the personal struggle and anxiety for 24-year-old Loretta Nolan.

The Geelong Magistrate’s decision to charge Paralympic gold medallist Daniel Bell with breaching a personal safety intervention order, burglary, stalking and entering a private place without lawful excuse is a reason to smile for the pretty Geelong local.

‘I feel so relieved that he has been punished for what he did to me, for all the fear and anxiety that he caused me’ she said. The prosecutor indicated that Bell broke into Miss Nolan’s home address entered her bedroom and left bodily fluids on her personal belongings. ‘I was just relieved that I wasn’t home at the time, the thought of what could have happened if I was there makes me sick’ she continued.

Ms Nolans former residence, where the incident occurred.


A fear shared by the whole of the Nolan family with brother Kieran Nolan indicating, ‘that the whole incident left the family stressed and upset’.


Awarded an Order of Australia for his swimming contributions in 2005, the court indicated that although Mr Bell has Asperger’s syndrome, he was fully aware that what he was doing was wrong’.

The London Paralympics mark a personal triumph for Miss Nolan, with the court detailing that if it was not for the charges Mr Bell would have competed.  They are the first games Bell has missed since joining the Paralympic swimming squad in 2000. ‘I am glad that he misses out on the games’ she detailed ‘he doesn’t deserve to swim for our country when he does these things, I was sad and fearful because of him so I’m glad that he cannot compete’.

Bell pleaded guilty to the charges against him and has been placed on an 18 month community based order with the condition he receives rehabilitation and treatment in an effort to discourage re-offending. ‘I only wish that he had received a suspended sentence rather than his community based order so there will be harsher consequences if he re-offends, just as a precaution’.