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Supplementing Summer

Posted: October 8, 2012 by Jesscatherine5 in Deakin University, Geelong, Health, Social Issues

Introductory video…

The sun is streaming down, not a cloud in sight. The warmth is like a heater on your back and side of your face – creating those unsightly clothing tan lines. Flowers have bloomed all around you and all you can hear is the sound of birds singing happily to each other… Summer is on its way.

You put on your pair of bathers, over-excited and pre-empting a beach day. You look in the mirror and suddenly all those warm, fuzzy feelings have left. You now know where your ‘winter warmth’ has been hiding – you must do something about it.

Fitspiration” (Fit Inspiration) Pages on Instagram and Facebook showing images of thin, ‘beautiful’ females- pulling some 129,000+ followers/likers.

“Get a tan, fall in love, lose weight, join a gym, EAT CLEAN”

Sound familiar? Well you are amongst the majority. There is something about summer that causes a mass frenzy amongst the female population in the western world. It sparks a time where the body-conscious remember how self-conscious they really are, the fit train like athletes, and the rest of us try to follow suit.

This year amongst the 20-something generation of females, there has been a significant rise in awareness surrounding weight loss – ‘clean’ eating, exercise and weight loss supplements have all entered into people’s everyday vocabulary and lifestyle. Not only have these elements become lifestyle changes and choices for a vast majority, but have more-so become an obsessive craze that is trending throughout the country.

Interview with Fenix Fitness personal trainer, Gareth Chapman-

Gone are the days of deriving nutrients, vitamins, minerals and weight loss by natural means – we have become a Supplementing Society.

Pre-workout supplements which once used to be primarily used for Body Building has now been targeted toward and taken by more and more people in their everyday workouts. A new age of supplements under the banner of ‘Thermogenics’ have been introduced to increase weight loss. They work by increasing the body’s core temperature therefore increasing heart and metabolic rate; burning more fat whilst idle and even more when working out. With containing the ability to do these things, one must ask the question, how safe are these supplements and when is enough, too much?

Rianni Lancaster for GNC Vitamins in Geelong speaks to me about the benefits and risks surrounding supplement usage.

For a list of Thermogenic foods in a natural sense, visit this website.

For a list of 18 essential Vitamins for women visit this website.

The dangers surrounding these pre-workout supplements have been alive in the media lately with the pre-workout, ‘Jack3d’ recently banned throughout Australia.

“Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement that has been designed to boost people’s energy, strength, and endurance so that they will be able to work out harder, allowing them to achieve their fitness goals more easily. It also boosts mental alertness so that users will be able to better focus on their workout routines and their other tasks” according to the Jack3d website.

Before the nationwide ban, it had come to light that people were using the synthetic stimulant in their workplaces to stay awake and alert. Here is an article describing the usage that became apparent in the mines:

With knowledge comes experimentation, and experts believe it’s only a matter of time before these pre-workouts are mixed into a fatal concoction in the hunt for a weight loss miracle.

Before starting a pre-workout supplement routine, it is advised you consult your doctor beforehand.

For more information visit your local vitamin store.

Interview with Fenix Fitness Member Care manager, Bek Musgrave-

BMI Chart. For more information and to calculate your own BMI visit: