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Get More Men into Childcare?

Posted: October 5, 2012 by izabrina in Deakin University, Education, Melbourne

Childcare Centre is being motivated to hire more male employees in order to increase staff shortages and it is not an easy task.

Childcare has become an important part for many parents in the world and they are getting busy to finding the best caregiver in many childcares.

Mostly childcare Centre is typically be managed by females and based on survey less than 10 percent male work in this field.

One of member Society for the History of Childhood and Youth, Professor Shurlee Swain, has representative of the childcare is about educating the children for the future.

“Society such as a whole should bear the responsibility of providing the best possible environment for the development of all children regardless female or male workers.”


Ernest Goldman is program coordinator in Wattle Park Children’s Services Centre and has been worked in childcare for the last two years.

“First I feel a bit difficult get to know each child because they have different unique characters. Some children are very talkative and silent, some are naughty and not listening to me but after all I feel really fun and enjoy work here because now I get used to it. I already know how to deal with their unique characters, “he said.

The fact is, there are many male who wants to have career in this area but some opinions that doubt their ability to be success.

The most important things are come from public opinion, which are suspicions about the motives of male who want to working in this field such as they are homosexual or pedophile.

Goldman believed that male childcare workers deserve to get a chance to be accepted from this job. They got to know him and he had built up a good reputation as male caregiver there, and after all parents are started to trust him for their children.

He still recognized male may still be very few in this field because of low pay or public opinions and that they may not even consider it as a profession but only part time job.

About the job, Goldman said he did not do it just for money,’’ Children laughter and joy is the most motivating thing that makes me loves this job, it also keeps me hope to reach for a better life,’’ he smiles.

Ironically the fact remains; some parents are uncomfortable with male childcare workers.

According to one parent in Burwood, Suchi Chowdury, who has a fifteen months old daughter, she does not really agree her daughter taking care by male caregiver because based on her experience a child is comforted or settled sooner by a female than a male.

‘’Female are better able to understand a child’s needs and respond to them timely and efficiently’’, says Suchi.

‘’We need to make sure their character and quality before decided male in childcare and look at how we can target more male through career guidance in this field because looking after children do not come so naturally for male,’’ she concluded.

On the other hand, many parents are calling access to more male to work in this area for their children especially single mothers who hope their children can see male as caring role models.

‘’It is really important that a child’s life they have good contact with both male and female role models in their childhood ’’, said Natasha Asenjo one of single parent in Wattle Park Primary School, whose have a five year old daughter.

Deputy Director at Deakin Community Childcare Centre, Diane Duncan, believes that male not always ignorant when dealing with children. It all depends on their qualifications, experiences and how they communicate with children.

‘’Public have to open their mind and learn to trust male caregivers by reason of having a balance of female and male in workforce has other benefits. It can bring different approaches, outlooks and styles to working with children,’’says Mrs. Duncan.