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New hiking group for young hikers

Posted: September 17, 2012 by hannehoy in Music

By Hanne Hoyland

The hiking group that went on this Sunday’s walk

Melbourne young hikers meetup group has only been up and running for two months, and they already got 261 members. Young hikers are embracing the new group, because now they can hike with people in their own age. The group is meant for young hikers in the age between 18-35.

Richard Cranston, the founder of the hiking group

The founder and organizer of the hiking group is Richard Cranston, a 19 years old student that loves to hike. He wanted to start a hiking group for young people, because he felt that it was needed in the Melbourne area.

So far Cranston has been organizing the trips by himself, but with a huge interest around the group he’s looking forward to let other people help as well. This is something he does for fun, that means that he doesn’t earn any money on it, and it’s free for people to join the hiking group.

The hikers enjoyed many beautiful waterfalls on the hike

Melbourne young hikers meetup group is a small part of a bigger website called The group is still increasing with around 10 members every week.

The hikers in a small break

Last Sundays walk was taking the hikers through Erskine Falls to the sea via Georg River in Great Otway National Park, in Lorne. Sarah Colmonitt was one of the hikers on the trip. She spends all of her days inside an office. That is why she’s appreciating the walks with the young hikers. She admits that she never would have ended up going this walk if she should do it by her self.
Other young hikers are here for a short amount of time, and are using the group to get the most out of their experience in Melbourne. Andrea Koteles is in Melbourne for about a year, and are using the group to see and experience more of Melbourne.