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Two Norwegian boys from RMIT organized a Kubb Cup, a traditional Scandinavian game and sport, for students around in Melbourne at RMIT’s courtyard the 25th of September. They invited every one to come, just to bring students together for a social day with a lot of fun.

Helping hands on the Cup Day. Fixing soda.


Mads Rønold and Kristoffer Slaatten, the two volunteering for gathering students this day,  feel the offers for social event for students around Melbourne is poor.

– University arrange some events now and then, but it is school related and not out side school time or place. We want to do something that every one can join, that has nothing to do with uni, and since there is no offers like this, we had to do it our self.

They has organized every thing them self. They even got sponsored with many quality set of Kubb from Planet Finksa, They made flyers which they gave out on school and held stands to tell about the scandinavian game, Kubb, and made a Facebook event, where almost 250 people where invited.

The invite is quite welcoming where it says;

Join us for Melbourne’s most exciting event of the year – Kubb Cup. Get your friends together, register a team and stop by to play the traditional Scandinavian game of Kubb.

Cupboard of the joining teams.

All are welcome, snacks and prizes will be available on the day.

Register your team of 2-6 with team name here on the event wall, or on Twitter (using the hashtag #KubbCup

After speaking to a lot of students joining this cup, i recognized the pattern where many of these people though this was a good idea to organize something like this, since the offers else where are like almost zero.

–Its good to join something like this. It is a good idea. You meet people other than your friends from uni, and meet up with folks from other universities and others in general. This is fun and I would do this myself as well, a really good idea, sais Helene Wedén, a student from RMIT, who where joining the cup.

Martin Sjaatad, is a student at Swinburn and work for a social networking site for students called YouCrew. (

– There is no physical meeting at the moment, but we plan to have events like the Kubb Cup, through YouCrew.