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A new place to call home!

Posted: September 28, 2012 by eleczfal in Arts & Culture, Education

RESIDENTS of Melbourne’s Inner Suburbs of Camberwell will soon be experiencing a new sense of culture right before their eyes. The redevelopment of the Camberwell Centre to house a contemporary library will open on September 10 2012 on Camberwell Road. Built as a bid to have a contemporary feel to accommodate to the growing demand of the user community, the facilities will cater for expanding populations in the area.

The 2002 Australian Bureau of Statistics Survey has shown that 42% (6.1million) of the adult population attended the library in the previous year, giving the local governments and councils, reason to further improve and redevelop the Centre.

With an estimated cost of over $20.5 million, the project will see through much-needed attention to the cultural and community’s highly used location. Locals are divided in their views of the development.

Long time resident Suzie Knight says the infrastructure and expansions may corrupt the current layout.

‘Camberwell is quite a historical suburb, I am not too sure how it will fit in,” she says.

Local university student Holly Bennett claims the improvement will come as a useful facility to the area.

‘I’m so excited! I love going to the library, it’s a great place to just relax and read or even study’, she says.

Some members of the community, however, have expressed their concern over the proposal, deeming it unnecessary in the current time.

‘Is it really necessary to have a new library? We are living in the era of technological changes left, right and centre that will be here before we know it. I don’t know what to think about the new development in this instant’, says Alex McKenzie, a Camberwell resident.

The new Library will open with a big bang from 6pm on September 14 2012 with live music, tours, and supper at the Camberwell Road site.