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The rise of online shopping

Posted: October 5, 2012 by dusica1 in Music, Social Issues

Today, this online shopping phenomenon has taken this Internet obsessed generation by storm. Everything is now online.
Retail has seen a massive decline in sales since the global financial crisis. As the Australian dollar continues to skyrocket, people are choosing to shop online simply because it is cheaper and more convenient. The rise of online shopping has had a massive impact of the way people shop and spend their money. International brands are now more popular as they are more affordable online.
The retail industry in Australia is worth two hundred and forty two billion dollars a year, and stores are battling to keep customers offline and in shopping centres. Chadstone, the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere has seen a 0.8% drop since just last month, even with the opening of its new international brand ZARA.
We are living in an Internet age, and everything is now online. People are always looking for faster and more efficient ways of do things and online shopping has defiantly become more convenient then going into a shopping centre.
Popular online shopping sites like ASOS have made a worldwide name for themselves, with free shipping to most countries, low prices and re-occurring sales they are targeting a younger market that are technology savvy.
However, there will always be people that prefer to go into shopping centres for customer service and human interaction, rather than looking into a computer screen. Shopping centres still hold an important role as they cater to a large market of the elderly and the technology incompetent individuals.
So the question resides, is online shopping the future?
Retail stores are now embracing this clever way of shopping rather than competing with it, and most stores are going online to reach a larger market.
As we live in a fast paced world where there is a constant need for fast access, fast information, fast food and just a general faster way of living. Online shopping is simply a faster and more convenient way of consumers to access a wider range on shopping options.
So are we just becoming a lazy nation or is modern society changing to a simple structure of contemporary living?

By Dusanka Gligorevic