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Dog days not over yet

Posted: October 1, 2012 by Chris Healy in Pets and Family
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Golden retriever, Rupert, in his yard

It’s common knowledge that there are many abandoned animals throughout Australia. However, why has it reached the crisis level it is at today? In the 2010 to 2011 financial year, 67,573 dogs were received by the RSPCA nationwide.

Of course, many factors contribute to this issue, including the running of puppy farms as well as owners not desexing their pets.

Coming from a family who loves animals and having been brought up surrounded by dogs and cats, it is difficult to imagine how others can justify abandoning their pet.

Julie Johnston from the Save a Dog Scheme in Glen Iris says, ‘people get animals for all the wrong reasons and don’t take into account factors such as behavioural issues and vet costs.’

So what can be done?

Encouraging the public to adopt from shelters rather than buying a puppy or kitten would make a huge difference to the number of homeless animals. Irresponsible breeding such as at puppy farms should be stopped to prevent further oversupply of animals.

It would be wrong to think that all dogs received by animal shelters are the result of negligence however the sad truth is that most are.

Dog owner, Susan Ditchfield, explains her point of view on why dogs are abandoned

It is my firm belief that the strong should always protect the weak. As humans I feel that we need to appreciate all animals and understand that they are not just here for our ‘use’ and eventual ‘disposal.’

It’s clear that pet shops send the wrong message to the public. The notion of going to the shops and buying a puppy or kitten on impulse because you thought it was cute is both ridiculous and irresponsible. The public must understand that making this decision will affect your life possibly for the next twelve to fifteen years.

Dog being held in animal shelter

Only when people start turning to animal shelters to find their new best friend rather than breeders and pet shops will we start to see a decline in homeless animals.

However it seems that until then and until everyone starts to take pet ownership seriously, animal shelters will continue to overflow.

For more information on pet adoption visit The Lost Dogs Home Website