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Coffee Culture in Melbourne by Yun Geng

Posted: May 25, 2014 by cactus725 in Deakin University

When talking about the coffee culture in Melbourne, people will always said amazing. World Barista Champion Pete Licata who comes from the United States said that the coffee culture in Melbourne is just incredible.

According to a recent news release on CNN website that Melbourne is on the rank of “eight of the world great coffee cities.” Therefore, I decided to go to the 2014 Melbourne International Coffee Expo to learn the great and diverse coffee culture in Melbourne and get some inspiration. The expo was hold from May 15 to May 18 at MELBOURNE SHOWGROUNDS. Two days for trading and opened to public on weekends.

2014 MICE


In the coffee expo, I met a Barista, John, who participated in this expo from LAVAZZA, an Italian style coffee brand. I invited him to shared his view of how he thought of the coffee culture in Melbourne. John said he thought people in Melbourne have their specific thoughts and high required on coffee taste: their tastes and their favor. And he said after he being to different countries in Europe, he found he liked working here and in this coffee field.

There are also many baristas here for competition. you can easily feel the tense atmosphere established at the scenes, the process of a competitor whose name is Sarah, comes from Queensland, making coffee is really attractive, you can find her nervous, on the other hand, you can also find how enthusiastic she is on making coffee. From this expo, we can know that the coffee culture in Melbourne is really popular.

In addition, you can find coffee shops on every corner, even on the school campus, which has also proved that Melbourne has a great coffee culture. Therefore, I also visited some independent cafés, and then invited them to tell me what they think about the coffee culture in Melbourne? Lynne is a barista from Stream Café, an independent coffee shop in BURWOOD. She accepted my interview and shared her view about the coffee culture in Melbourne. She believed that the coffee culture in Melbourne is very diverse and people love coffee so much.

Just as what I said before that it is also very easy to find cafe in school campus, I also visited the different coffee shops on the DEAKIN UNIVERSITY campus, such as The Corner, Sage and Caffeine. What is more, I also asked an overseas student about how the coffee culture in Melbourne affected him. His told me that his drinking habit have been deeply affected since they came to Melbourne. He said hen he was in China, he just drank tea, but after he get there, he began to drink coffee and now he is happy to try different types of coffee.

As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that Melbourne deserves to be ranked “eight of the world great coffee cities.”

I still wish, additionally, this video can help you learn better about the coffee culture in Melbourne.