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Activists Urge Galan to Go Fur Free

Posted: September 24, 2012 by ayshesevdan in Music

Melbourne anti-fur activists are urging Australian designer Arthur Galan to discontinue the use of fur in his 2013 line, with concerns that the fur is sourced inhumanely and contains illegal dog fur.

Activists argue that Galan sources his fur from farms akin to this one, where animals including dogs are confined to cages

More than 50 members of Freedom for Farmed Rabbits (FFR) have gathered this winter in a series of large scale demonstartions against Galan, including demonstrations at his Chapel street store and at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

The activists are relying on the results of a series of independent tests published by the Humane Society International (HSI) to support the claims that some of Galan’s fur garments contain dog fur, which was made illegal in 2004 after a ban imposed by the Howard government.

According to the HSI , these findings were supported by leading animal forensics expert Dr Hans Brunner.

FFR spokesperson Jack Styles says that the group has pleaded with Mr Galan for over one year to discontinue the use of fur in his collections.
Undercover footage has shown horrific accounts of cruelty on fur farms, where animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoons, foxes and minks are skinned alive, bludgeoned, and electrocuted vaginally or anally,” says Styles.
“The majority of fur today is sourced from these farms, most of which are in China where there are no animal welfare laws.
“We are urging Mr Galan to choose compassion over cruelty and go fur free, not only because we believe his garments contain illegal dog fur, but because Mr Galan sources his fur offshore where animals are likely to have been subject to these horrific conditions.”

A dog, skinned alive on a Chinese fur farm. According to Styles, animals on fur farms are skinned alive, bludgeoned, and electrocuted anally or vaginally

Galan himself would not comment on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the allegations. His wife Mimi Galan has told the Herald Sun that her husband is feeling bullied by the activists, and is considering legal action.

Dynamic duo: Arthur Galan (right) pictured with his wife Mimi, who says her husband is feeling bullied by the activists. The pair are yet to indicate whether they will include fur in their 2013 collection

The HSI argue that Galan is merely one among many of the Australian designers using dog fur in their garments, but governmental bodies are hesitant to further investigate the matter. Minister for Home and Justice, Brendan O’Connor, released a statement on the George Negus show stating that customs and border protection investigated the allegations in an independent analysis and could not confirm the presence of dog fur in the tested garments.

The ACCC were also informed of the findings in April 2011, but concluded in a statement to the HSI that they do not plan to take any further action due to a lack of widespread public detriment in the mislabelling.

FFR Liason Manager Toni Thompson says that the group do still remain hopeful for a similar outcome to that of the previous winter, where activists stormed the runwayat Melbourne Spring Fashion Week to successfully pressure Australian designer Rachel Gilbert to remove fur from her collection.

“The authorities are not taking action on the findings so it’s up to Mr Galan himself to make the compassionate choice, and we will continue to encourage him to do so,” says Thompson.