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Information released to the Herald Sun by the Foreign Affairs Department reveals 39 Australians died in Bali between 2011 and 2012. These deaths are not the result of terrorist attacks but a reckless culture which Australia is becoming infamously known for.  There is an ever growing impact that our excessive drinking and drug taking is having on accident related deaths in our country. Between 2011 and 2012 the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found in relation to consumption “The proportion of wine has increased from 12% to 37% and spirits (including RTDs) from 12% to 20%.” More young Australians are binge drinking with the sole purpose to get drunk, buying pre-mixed drinks or wine with higher alcohol content. From the image below taken in Bali, it seems that this only being encouraged through cheap drink prices and the irresponsible serving of alcohol.

A standard cocktail list in Bali: Half a litre of alcohol is included in each cocktail costing around $4. (Photograph courtesy of Liv Vink)

Liv Vink from Lilydale Travel Centre explains “It’s all about getting drunk and having fun and partying the whole time. “For example a drink that costs us $10 dollars over here would cost around 40 cents over there (Bali). “There are always double shots in them as well and people are going overboard.”

Clubs are advertising the irresponsible consumption of alcohol, encouraging patrons not to drink water. (Photograph courtesy of Liv Vink)

In a media release from the ABS“Most victims of physical and face-to-face threatened assault in 2010–11 felt that alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor in their most recent incident” The ABS also estimated that nearly two thirds (64%) of those who were the victims of physical assault thought that alcohol or drugs were a relating factor. 24 year old Matt Radziejewski recently travelled to Bali with a group of friends and recounts of the bar fights between Australians he would witness each night. “It would start of as an argument between two or three friends and as the arguing got louder the fight got more violent. “Eventually either me, my friends or other tourists who were around would have to intercept and break up the fight. “The amount of alcohol consumption over there is pretty scary.”

Matt witnessed the alcohol fueled violence first hand while holidaying in Bali (Image courtesy of Facebook and Matt Radziejewski)

As a country we have a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol which is causing us to be violent whilst out drinking. The problem is being exacerbated by the readily available cheap drinks within Bali.