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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012. Target fashion show on Swanston Street. (photo: Annbjorg Dalland)

This spring the 18th annual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week took place in the city-streets of Melbourne. During the week from 3th to 9th of September, the Streets of Melbourne transformed to a fashion paradise for all the visitors. Free runway shows, competitions in styling and exclusive parties in the middle of Melborne, were just some of the weeks adventures.

Nice hats, high heels and a lot of curious people entered the streets looking for «whats new» for the spring fashion.

What is MSFW?
This week filled with fashion lets the consumer get more deeply involved in the world of fashion. It is a great place where they promote fashion design talents from Melbourne city and the state of Victoria, but it’s also a place where they celebrate Australian fashion more widely. According to this week brings the best of spring/summer fashion to the city.

Last year, the spring fashion week showcased over 200 events during this week, and that was the benchmark for this years fashion week as well.

A free runway show on Swanston street was just one of the daily offers for the Melburnians and others who has travelled to the city due to fashion week. Last year more than 100.000 people came and visited the city during this week, and they hoped and believed that this year there would be several more. Faithful visitors can confirm that this year’s attendance was impressive.

The Fashion week consumer last year was:

  • female (88 %)
  • Aged between 14-39 (83 %)
  • Attended to see the new season fashion trends and to enjoy the ambience and atmosphere


In todays media society, the fashion week has been on more than just the streets during this week. Because of the many events, it’s been a popular subject on social medias, as facebook, twitter and instagram.

During the week, I met one of Melbournes biggest enthusiast after a fashion show. Susan Hickey grew up reading English Vouge with her sister, and still collects clothes to this day. She has visited the spring fashion week every day, the last 18 years, and loves it.

The girls are so good workers! I’m gonna bring them all chocolate tomorrrow, Hickey says.