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Viewed all over the world, tattoos and body alterations have been a growing trend and are predicted to continue in popularity.

With the creation of things like computers, the Internet, video cameras, and YouTube, people have been able to express themselves in more ways, experiment with the unknown and unthinkable, and reach parts of the world with ease.

But is this freedom changing the world for the better?

Children of all ages are now exposed to things that older generations were never before, and it’s having an effect that is still debatable whether or not the positives outweigh the negatives such as:

  • If the tattooist goes too deep, the tattoo will eventually blur with age as the ink moves through the hypodermic layer, causing an irreversible process however;
  • If the tattoo is done correctly, the person can show-off and be proud of what they had done, with removal being possible

If the needle reaches down to the base, it blurs through spreading over time.

Children are more exposed with access to computers at anytime.

Popularity since the early 20th century has tripled and is still growing, but the question is: why?

For thousands of years, the biggest issue was that a tattoo could not be removed without scarring.

Now that fear of having something as permanent as a tattoo has been taken away by dermatological breakthroughs in tattoo removals.

Information about the process of getting and removing a tattoo is online; videos are posted of how it’s done; movies like Jackass make them seem fun and silly but acceptable; musicians express themselves through their appearance.

Something that originally began as a mystery; turned cultural and symbolic for some natives; changing into a symbol for national pride used by the Navy and army, is now becoming more common than ever before for anyone interested.

Tattoo parlours have been popping up all over places like the U.S.A. and Australia with America having around 21,000 in the country as of 2012.

One of the many tattoo parlours located in Geelong alone. Filled with many talented artists.

I tattooed a whole group who had organised a bus to Geelong for a birthday celebration … some were under the influence of alcohol.” – David from Kustom Kulture

We can see how this increase in popularity has occurred and that technology is partially to blame, the primary culprit being the Internet: the main influence in tattoos actually deriving from the rich and famous as well as peer pressure from groups.

Available on iPhones, iPads, and pretty much any mobile device, information is available at any moment anywhere.

The web shows young and older generations how actors, singers/musicians, and other influential people have not only gotten tattoos but have reached other extremes.

“Nothing is considered too rebellious or too out-there anymore, it’s about owning one’s body and being artistic”

These small devices use magnets to create an opposing vibrating force that moves the inserted needle up and down to puncture the skin between 50 and 3000 times per minute.

Things like social networking started out as a way to stay connected to friends but has expanded with photo, music, and video uploads, with many users photographing their tattoos or bodily transformations/alterations.

Body modifications include ear stretchers, implanted horns, piercings (that have to be surgically removed) and facial tattoos that effectively change appearance.

The influential nature of this developing digital age will affect the bodies and minds of the future, the question is how far will it continue to go? It was once clothing that identified a decade, will it now be body configurations?