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The Olympic Games are about bringing athletes and teams together from all over the world. It gives people an opportunity to cheer on and celebrate their country’s talents on the world stage as a team or individual.

This event held every four years is aimed at bringing excitement and happiness, however sometimes this happiness is not achieved.

According to Tom Van Riper, a member of the American business magazine ‘Forbes’, in the London 2012 Olympic games, millions of people missed out on tickets due to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) delegating 2.6 million of the 8.8 million tickets to sponsors, media, athletes and Olympic officials.

It does not seem like a lot, however when majority of these seats were left empty throughout the games it is consequentially a huge loss for the LOCOG, not for the money, but for the unsatisfied responses they received from all the people who missed out.

Basketball Empty Grandstands – Taken by Bob Donnan from USA Sports Today

Grandstands being left next to empty are becoming an increasing trend with the Olympic Games, which is surprising considering the four year hype and build up to the two week event.

Australian Football Match with Full Grandstands

Australian Football Match with full grantstands

When you compare this world wide known event to a local national sport like Australian Rules football, Soccer or Basketball the stands at these games are almost packed every time full of screaming fans who continue to support their team every week.  

This indicates that having seats made available to the general public for purchase, minus the small portion of allocated seating for members, shows that when given the opportunity, people will fill a stadium to support the team they love.

In an interview with members of the general public they were asked to express their opinions about the issue regarding the close-to-empty grandstands, whether they believe the Olympics is a fair and equal event and why they thought so many tickets were set aside for sponsors.

Ultimately many expressed how they thought not as many tickets should be distributed to the sponsors, unless there is a way to guarantee they will show up.

It is disappointing that so much effort goes into the preparation for the games, yet it cannot be experienced by many due to the lack of planning gone into distributing tickets. This needs to change before the next Olympic Games, to ensure the grandstands do not stand alone.