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Melbourne has always prided itself on being known as the most cultured and livable city in Australia; and now more than ever, we are living up to this title.

The underground craft industry is continuing to thrive and evolve, new local artists are cropping up every day; venture down any alleyway in the CBD and you will more than likely come across a hidden store that is stocking some new and exciting craft creations. Melbourne’s alternative jewellery scene is constantly producing specialised pieces that bring new life to the old styles.

One such designer, ‘Stella has knits’ demonstrates this individual creativity in a whole new style; This RMIT graduate presents her passion for design through her craft. Her knitted jewellery combines the structured style of the knitting machine and Stella’s own unique sense of eccentric extravagance. Each piece has been lovingly created with handpicked cottons, with the colour pallet of each collection reflecting the different seasons.

Despite all of these creative folk working their magic over Melbourne’s jewellery scene, the majority of the population wouldn’t know that these types of design even existed. This underground world of alternative crafts makes it hard for artists to make a living and expand in the industry.

The design of this jewellery is an art form in itself, and as a result, only a unique niche are being targeted. Many people are uninformed in these styles and this creates exclusion for them in the community.In an attempt to combat this exclusion, organisations such as Crafts Victoria aim to gather like-minded artists together and encourage communal creativity, whilst being given the opportunity to sell their goods to a broader public who might not be exposed otherwise.

Craft Hatch is on of Melbourne’s leading market for craft and design, showcasing new and individual work from students, emerging designers and experimental work from more established designers. Craft Hatch is a unique opportunity for anyone to purchase the freshest hand-made products direct from the designer, including home wares, jewellery, clothing, accessories, stationery and more. Craft ‘meet ups’ are becoming popular a way in which Melbourne’s artistically  inclined folk can get together and shares their ideas – ‘Craft like crazy’ is one such group “that gets together regularly to get their craft on, chat and giggle, teach and learn, share and get inspired”.

This specialised market of jewellery crafts is growing and expanded in Melbourne’s design community. The emergence of new and exciting designers who bring their passion and individualised style is gradually refreshing and revitalising to the old craft ideals and providing unique alternatives to the world of design.