International Students Study in Australia by Huaizhi Zhang

Posted: May 31, 2014 by ivoburum in Music

Tina is one of my friends who worked for PWC, the world’s second largest professional services network, in Beijing branch in her home-country China. When everyone admired her having such a good job, she decided to quit it and come to Australia to undertake further education. There was no doubt that this decision surprised not only her friends but also her parents.

Scott, a Deakin University student, is studying his Master Degree of Marketing. He worked in an Apple store for six months before he came to Australia. They both worked in the world famous company where they received a decent salary and welfare, most people hope to work in such companies after graduation.

Why did they choose to give up their jobs and go abroad to take further education? That aroused my curiosity: Isn’t it a risk?

Later I searched on the internet and found that their example is not the individual phenomenon, many people in China stayed at their jobs for a few years and then go abroad taking further education in USA, UK or Australia. Among them I found some people whose age is above 30.

Both Tina and Scott mentioned that working in China has a lot of pressure not only physically but also mentally. The competition is intense in China and after a few years they found the job is no longer attractive. And also the environment issue is getting worse and worse. All the things above drives them to escape.

They pointed out that for people with working experience, the advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages. Firstly, they can understand well what they study due to their previous experience. Secondly, they find it much easier to find a part time job to supply the daily expense in Australia. Last, when they go back, the experience of studying abroad can win them a better job.

Nick Ko, International Students Advisor, working at Deakin Student Life told me international students definitely have more advantages compared with local students when they go back after graduation. Australia is a multicultural country and has high quality universities. Students here can have more diverse experience. It helps the way they think, the way they deal with things and helps them to find work.

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