Saving Forests: saving water, saving carbon…

Posted: March 4, 2013 by fionanelson4 in Environment
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A month after the dramatic  Black Saturday fires around Kinglake in 2009,  logging recommenced in the Central Highlands forests at Toolangi.


These tall mountain ash forests are where the devastating Kinglake Black Saturday fires stopped.

Since that time thousands of hectares  have been logged primarily for woodchips. The tall mountain ash forests of Mt. St.Leonards are being stripped, opened up to weedy grass invasion and dried out,  creating a further fire risk.

These forests are home for many endangered species, most notably the leadbeaters possum, Victoria’s state emblem.

VicForests are currently being sued by some community members for logging leadbeater possum habitat. The Appeal will be heard in April.

Locals are outraged at the logging in Toolangi, and have kept up their opposition with public meetings, submissions, requests to state government. Tony Burke Federal Environment Minister has been requested to intervene.

Local resident and avid conservationist Bernie Mace has lived on 140 acres in Toolangi for the last 24 years –  mountain ash country. He remembers as a young child walking at his uncle’s place at Pheasant Creek near Kinglake and seeing the tall mountain ash trees ” … enormous trunks of enormous trees which seemed to go on forever…”

Bernie was enraged when logging recommenced at Toolangi following the Black Saturday fires. Listen to  Bernie Mace

With other locals he continues to fight on to end logging at Toolangi.


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