Who Said Press Needed to Be Free?

Posted: September 28, 2012 by carlosbruinsma in Social Issues
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By Carlos Bruinsma

As a blogger, I have written countless posts on various online media; breaking news, issues in mainstream news, and reviews of numerous products. One of the questions that haunt me as an aspiring online journalist is how important social media really is, and more importantly, how to generate an income from an ever changing profession in the free online world.Image

The last four years have showed us a massive increase in social media activity. Going by the best publicly available information gathered from various websites such as Facebook and Twitter, we see an incredible growth with Facebook taking things to unprecedented heights.

If you have been paying attention to Facebook stocks, however, you will have noticed that Facebook shares have plummeted since going on the market earlier this year. With Google AdSense still less than ideal (we’re journalists, not underpaid billboards), the future of social media journalism is becoming ever more uncertain due to lack of funds and incomes for independent journalists like

Imageourselves, without affiliation to mainstream websites or newspapers.

Or is it?

It appears there might be hope over the horizon, with affiliate marketing taking a turn for the better. With the affiliate channel projected to reach $4 billion in 2014, it would appear, as publishers, we might be able to share in this wealth without selling our souls to the devil (ahem, Google) or clogging our pages with ugly ads. After all, my blog is to inform and entertain my readers, not to annoy them to death with adverts and pop-ups.

The solution could be simple with the rise of new platforms, such as Linksert. With teams from all over the world working together to create an accessible platform specifically designed for publishers, their WordPress plugin automatically converts all of the links on your blog to links that generate a commission every time someone makes a purchase through your blog.

“Just imagine you’re browsing the web and come across a cool product you want to review or recommend to your friends, fans or reader base,” CEO and co-founder Zachar Tolmachev suggests. “If you’re going to be sharing someone else’s product, it is only fair you generate a commission for your recommendation.”

While it’s not ideal if you never review or recommend any products, it’s a good start. Imagine a world where every time you mention a product and provide the source, you get a little money off every purchase. We’re not quite there yet, but Linksert is definitely a step in the right direction.

Linksert is not available to the public yet, but I have managed to get access to the beta, courtesy of the Linksert team. Watch the video below to see how you could potentially make your hobby your profession.

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