Scrap Myki and make Public Transport free

Posted: June 5, 2012 by kai723 in Melbourne, Social Issues

By Chenchen Xie, Kai Wang, Xixi Chen and Ziyao Huang

On March 25, 2012, weekly and monthly metcard tickets is no longer for sale. Instead, myki card will become the major tool for public transport.

However, there is a lot of complaint about the continous problem of myki. People has to take action against it before it gets worse.

Therefore, a protest against Myki and public transport was held last Friday in the center of Melbourne city. Many people came to support it despite the bad weather.

This protest is organized by a group called FIGHT BACK which raises campaign about issues caused by living pressure.

The theme of the protest is getting rid of Myki and make public transport free.

During the protest, several people come up to give their opinion about problems with myki and public tranport, including one of the FIGHT BACK coordinator – Mev Gregson.

According to her, the major of public transport is that it cost way too much money and yet fails to produce a funcional transport system.

It is said that the extreme estimates of running a free transport system is around 500 million which is around one third of what the government pay to companies to build it. It has wasted way too much of money of taxpayers but still cost them more and more on public tranport.

She then advises that all the costs associated with myki ticketing system can be used to improve the system or even make it free.

This kind of opinion is confirmed with another supporter, Tran Nguyen, an international student who currently studies at RMIT university. He says that myki is not working properly, even though met card is working perfectly.

He also gives suggsetion of making public transport free which can be considered as environmently friendly.


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