Online Shopping and the future of retail

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Alexandra Doyle in Social Issues

Random Thoughts

With the evolution of technology and the changing face of the world as we know it a lot of uncertainty is created for the future. Occupations that were once imperative to society are now becoming irrelevant such as the traditional journalist, door to door salesmen and the humble check out chick at the supermarket. But one of the largest industries to be hit by the changing face of technology is the merchant world. Online shopping has expanded into such popularity that physical shops are struggling to keep their doors open. Where the adventurous consumer would usual seek a backstreet boutique to find a unique piece, it is now far more convenient to find an unknown website to shop from.

Some retailers are starting to charge to try on shoes in their stores after being sick of people using their merchandise as an example to find it cheaper online. Australian retailers…

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