What Children are Exposed to in the Modern World

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Alexandra Doyle in Education, Health, Social Issues

Random Thoughts

We live in a promiscuous society. With advertisers utilising the “sex sells” slogan, children are exposed to a lot more risqué material that was once allowed. The news highlights detailed stories of murder, war and scandal for all to view and billboards paint pictures of scantily clad models in compromising poses. But what do children think of what they are viewing? Do they understand the meaning of war and the details of sex? Through interviewing a 10 year old from rural Victoria and her class mate who wished not to videoed, I managed to draw out some disturbing facts about what knowledge kids are privy to in today’s society.

“I know what sex is and I even know what a condom is. Do you know there is a female condom as well… it looks so weird.” Georgia Doyle, aged 10 explains her understanding of sex quite freely. “I…

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