Parents Splash Thousands On Children’s Entertainment

Posted: May 22, 2012 by jacclemons in Music

Children’s Parties today have become more and more about parents trying to outdo one another than throwing an enjoyable party for their child and celebrating this with friends and relatives.  Many parents are feeling under pressure to provide a bigger and better party than the one their child attended at their friend’s house.

There is a great deal of stress when it comes to thinking about organising your children‘s party.  Today parents are prepared to spend as much as $1,000 on parties for one to five year old children. Some parents try to outdo each other when catering for these parties rather than catering for their children’s wishes.  Very young children can easily become scared by painted faces.  Young children only require a small play area where they can play without any pressure.  Older children may enjoy performances by clowns, fairies and acrobats and some may enjoy a talent shown.

Things have come a long way with children’s party entertainment.  When it comes to children’s parties, parents spent money on food and drink for the children, decorations, lollies, entertainment and expensive catering for the adults.  Some parents even hire clowns, pirates and fairies and procure artists to face paint and entertain with puppet shows.

Parents today are happy to outsource their children’s parties to avoid the stress of organising and avoiding the clean-up which occurs with any party.  The old days of pin the tail on the donkey or pin the tail on the mermaid are gone.  Children now expect entertainers such as pirates, mermaids, fairies and clowns to entertain them and provide that professional edge to their parties.

Many parents are relieved to find party planners who will prepare these parties and take the stress off the parents and allow them to enjoy the party without having the worry of planning and organising it.  These lavish productions often become more about the parents than the children.

  1. mschneiders says:

    Thanks Jac. You wonder whether the children would be just as happy with a few party games and a cake. I must say I am still a fan of ‘pass the parcel’.

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