Deakin reveals two new parking options

Posted: May 22, 2012 by acoope in Deakin University, Geelong, Melbourne
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By Ashling Cooper

Deakin students can breath a sigh of relief. Two new options are available to end all parking woes and eliminate lonesome trips to Monday morning class. Carpooling and DUSA’s Permit Assistance Program.

A typical crowded scene at the Burwood Multi-level carpark

Getting to and from uni has always been an issue for students at the Deakin University Burwood and Waurn Ponds campuses. Both are out-of-the way and not well-served by public transport.

Driving is not much easier. Annual  campus parking permits are $250  and the driving option means leaving the house at a highly unsociable hour to fight for the last car space on offer at 8:30am.

DUSA’s new Parking Permit Assistance program and carpooling available on all Deakin campuses can help.

 Both have been developed to eliminate parking frustrations and help motivate students to do what they set out to do, study.

Carpooling can even help students gain a social experience out of their early morning commute. Sharing wheels helps students escape  rising petrol costs and reduce their carbon tyre-print.

Deakin’s Environment Officer, Sonia Nuttman, says carpooling can be a social experience for students.

Burwood’s newly developed carpooling carpark

Carpooling is also a viable option for students who are environmentally as well as money conscious, says Nuttman.

It’s a great way to save money and it’s great for the climate because we’ve got a sustainable transport strategy

Carpooling doesn’t work for everyone, so the newly introduced Permit Assistance Program is another option for students who are both time and money poor.

Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) Welfare Officer, Dan Juleff, explains that this program is only available to students who are under financial distress or if their daily travel routine is affecting their ability to study.

“The program is open to all Deakin university students who can demonstrate either financial hardship or a daily travel routine that will impact upon their studies…the student is able to buy a permit for $100 rather than $250.”

So it’s up to you to decide. The days of dreading the uni commute are numbered. Consider these two options and you will save time, money and possibly make some good friends.

For further information on carpooling,  see the Deakin carpooling website

For further information on the DUSA Permit Assist Program, visit the Deakin DUSA website


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