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Posted: May 17, 2012 by lrro91 in Melbourne, Social Issues
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by Luke Rose

Imagine, you decided to ride your bike to your destination instead of driving your car and you felt safe, almost as safe as you would driving your car. Can you imagine?

Currently riding a bicycle to work, school or any destination is a dice with death on a daily basis along Beach Road. Commuters contest with the vast amounts of traffic and the additional strains of parked cars, road rage and the occasional road accident.

A feeling of safe and security may be on the horizon with results of a Bayside City Council Report published this week.

As previously reported in numerous news pieces, there needs to be action taken by the Government, councils, motoring and cycling advocates and most importantly the motorists and cyclists travelling along Beach Road during the working week and in the early hours of the weekend.

The Sandringham State Member Mr Murray Thompson combined with the Bayside City Council conducted a trial of a “clearway zone” along the main arterial’s’ busiest and most developed areas, restricting the parking of Cars on both sides of the Road from the hours of 6am – 10.30am, producing mixed results.

Mr Thompson conducted further research building a case for a permanent change to the clearway zone times, subsequently a Report was then commissioned.

This Report has shown marginal drops in the rate of Incidents occuring between motorists and cyclists and a significant decline in the number of accidents occuring both inside and outside of the clearway zone time periods.

Cyclists have an entire lane ensuring a safe distance between the cars. Motorists are not forced to travel at the rear of large groups of cyclists. However, while the majority of communters are obeying the road rules and conducting themselves in a safe and respectful manner there is a select few cyclists and motorists who continue to disobey road laws and endanger themselves and those around them; as shown in Mr Thompson’s video illustrating a need to change the behaviour of some road users.

From the Report the possibility of a decrease of the speed limit in more developed areas has been suggested and maybe trialled in the coming months. We await further analysis of the report by Bayside City Council members as they begin to unpack the results of the trial and Implement strategies resolve the issue along Beach Road.

So I guess we can imagine. Imagine a time when we will feel just as safe in our cars and on our bicycles, it may be closer than we think.

For more information head to Route33 or visit the Bayside City Council to view the report.

  1. Karisa McCauley says:

    Hi Luke,
    This story was a good read.
    The only thing that needs attention – the random capital letters scattered throughout detract from your story. Capitals are only needed on proper nouns. I’d suggested you go through the article again and edit the unnecessary capitals out.
    Good job.

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