Chadstone do the Turkey 10

Posted: May 16, 2012 by lrro91 in Sport
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by Luke Rose

Just before the start of the football season Chadstone Football Club entered The Wild Turkey Australia “Turkey 10 Teams”. The competition aimed to find the 10 teams around Australia, that currently due to reasons beyond their control have it the “toughest”.

This competition was a perfect fit for the Chadstone Football Club. Over the past four years the team has remained winless and with 100-200 point thrashings on a weekly basis in the 2011 season, a change needed to be made. The players decided early into their pre-season to fight back and rebuild the club and get back the respect that it deserves.

The playing group at Chadstone entered the competition not only for the prizes, but for the need to reassert them as a force to be reckoned with and support from Wild Turkey Australia is exactly what the club needs to improve the facilities, improve the players’ skills and improve the team morale around the club.

The news of the clubs win quickly made its way to the VAFA League officials and last Thursday night the league filmed their episode of “VAFA TV”, at Chadstone Football Club and interviewed some key players about the competition and expectations for the new season.

Triple M Melbourne; have been instrumental in the selection process of the Melbourne “Turkey 10 Team”, sifting through hundreds of team videos. After a lengthy selection period Chadstone were named live on Triple M Melbourne Radio as a Turkey 10 Team, winning thousands of dollars for upgrading the facilities and exclusive access to sponsorship and private skill sessions with legends of AFL, Billy Brownless and Wayne Carey just to name a few.

But now the Chadstone Football Club and the Chadstone community need our support. Being Selected as a Turkey 10 Team, puts them in the running for a ten thousand dollar grand prize draw at the end of the season for the “Turkey 10 Team” with the most “likes” and support through the “Wild Turkey Australia” Facebook page.

Chadstone still remain winless, however with your support in their quest for the Turkey 10 a win may be just around the corner….

Head to the Wild Turkey Australia Facebook page and show your support for the Chadstone Football Club

  1. Karisa McCauley says:

    Hi Luke – another good read, more random, unneeded capitals, again I’d suggest you have an edit through and take them out. If you would like me to help with this, email me at I can give you a full rundown of the ones that need changing if you’d like.

    • Karisa McCauley says:

      Hey Luke,
      I’ve sent you some suggestions for corrections for this one as well.
      Really do hope I am being of help.

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