Melbourne rail system: Promises yet to be delivered

Posted: May 15, 2012 by cdixo in Melbourne, Social Issues
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by Colette Dixon

Are trains the problem with Melbourne’s public transport system or are they the symptom of a bigger problem which for far too long has been over looked?

There is clearly a long way to go and too many undelivered promises to promote the passenger trains in Melbourne. There is an urgent need to produce an economic miracle on the heavy rail links.

The severe overcrowding during peak hours on the Metro trains has become worse since last year. But it has been revealed that the Baillieu government will shove out 50 million to enhance an anti-congestion upgrade.

“The government should be expanding the train network, it is horrendous to see so many people on one train”, says Nick Clarke, a passenger who uses public transport faithfully.

Melbourne is growing and so should be the Metro trains. Passengers travelling to the city every morning and out of the city every evening are struggling with problems such as traffic congestion on trains.

“Millions of dollars is promised for the regional rail link lines. The Bailieu Government revealed a committed Budget to build an infrastructure for the railway lines, so let’s see when that would be followed up,” says, a Metro employee.

During the on-peak hours, train services are delayed because the excuse is that the ‘trains are too overcrowded’.  What is unclear is how much time these new trains will take to build and the operating patterns and other constraints.

Nikita Bhoir, a university student who relies on public transport, says “if you had 10 trains per hour that could be 450 less people needing another train to go back home from work on weekdays”.

The train network does not cover today’s Melbourne.

The Ted Baillieu Government appears to be incapable of making a rational decision where big infrastructure projects for new trains, are concerned. It is fixated on the determination to go ahead with the construction for new trains but the ideas proposals and promises are easier being said than achieved.


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