Jump into Heart Starters!

Posted: May 15, 2012 by lrro91 in Health

by Luke Rose


Monash Heart the leaders in cardiovascular disease and research have combined with Channel 31 to film a ten part series documenting the finer details of heart disease, heart health and the extraordinary stories of a few key patients gravely affected by Heart Disease.

“Heart Starters” hosted by renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr Ian Meredith, will follow the cases of a young footballer, a new mother, a case study of elderly patients and a world first surgery conducted here in Melbourne at Monash Heart Clayton.

In early episodes we will be given exclusive access to world first surgeries and follow patients through their diagnosis, medical procedures and even their recovery to give a comprehensive view of heart disease and educate viewers on the need for Heart Health awareness.

“This program will be instrumental in educating viewers about different heart conditions and how to take care of your heart,” Southern Health Spokeswoman, Suzana Talevski.

Local production company Mobile Video Services has volunteered their time and equipment to help Southern Health and Monash Heart convey their message of Heart Health and Heart Safety. Filming inside the Cardio Surgery Labs, throughout diagnostic procedures and during the recovery period, Mobile Video Services has been given exclusive access to the inner workings of a world class Cardiovascular Care Unit focussing on the Cardiac Science.

“We have seen shows like RPA and Medical Emergency. This is not what we are trying to recreate. This is a unique television experience.”

Heart Starters will premiere on Channel 31, Monday June 4th at 7.30pm

For more information visit Heart Starters or Monash Heart


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